This summer children and their families will be out and about enjoying all kinds of outdoor activities.  At the new playground, riding bikes at the park, theme park adventures or a favorite swimming pool  your kids will be looking forward to a great time in the sun.  But what would your child do if a stranger got too close?  Now is the time to prepare your kids for those unfortunate situations.


CS Gymnastics of Flanders and Black Diamond Karate are excited to show our community an

“EZ Defense for Children”.

This one day seminar is designed for kids’ ages 7-12 years of age to teach them how to handle themselves in a variety of challenging situations. What makes this seminar unique is that it focuses on teaching kids how to prevent being chosen as a victim for bullies and abductors using fun scenarios and age appropriate role plays rather than just teaching physical defense techniques.

Children leave the seminar with the information and new choices they can utilize, right away, to help take care of themselves when they are home alone, at school, or simply away form their parent’s watchful eyes.  Ideal for scout troops badge requirements.

For additional information on attending our next seminar or scheduling a group event for your scout troop please contact Sensei Cory Hefner at

CS Gymnastics. (973)347-2771

4 Gold Mine Road, Flanders NJ 07836

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