We have been in advertising in the Hackettestown News as well as the other 5 papers of MJ Media for almost 5 years every month. Customers use the coupons and our cooking classes are filling up regularly. The papers have helped our business get known throughout the area and has helped bring in new customers.

Joe and Linda Andes, Owners Prickly Pear, Hackettstown NJ



The Black River News has been a tremendous assest to Skyland’s Acupuncture over the last several years, not only in helping to grow the Wellness Center, but even more importantly in educating the local communities in the area on the efficacy of Acupuncture. Through the Black River News, people all around the Morris County area learned and experienced that Acupuncture greatly improved the lives of those suffering from joint and muscle pain, migraines, sciatica, and a myriad of other chronic illnesses. So many young couples in the area learned and benefited from Acupuncture in their quest to have a family either as stand alone fertility treatments or as an adjunctive treatment with their western fertility reproductive endocrinologist.

Working with both Joe and Mary, owners of the Black River News, continues to be a joy and their responsiveness to any questions or their help whenever needed is greatly appreciated.If you own a business in the area, We highly recommend The Black River News to take it to the next level. Who better than you can describe your business and educate the public on what you do? We look forward to many more years with The Black River News.

Deborah Torrance and Deborah Waddell, Skylands Acupunture, Long Valley NJ



We have been advertising in the Roxbury, Mt. Olive & Black River News of MJ Media every month for over 2 years.. We have found readers keep our jewelry store “top of mind” for when then need something and remember to come to us first, due to seeing our continuous advertising.. We usually have battery coupons and our customers use them regularly in addition to letting the public know about our special sales and items available, and of course the fact that we pay top price for old gold.

The papers have helped our business grow and get known throughout the area, helping bring in new customers each and every month.. The fact that we have been located in the Ledgewood Mall for years and continue to serve our customers there, means a lot to them and advertising is our way of showing them that this is “where quality and service still counts.”

Dave Dondona Sr.,Managing Partner, W, Kodak Jewelers



I have been in advertising in MJ Media publications every month for more than 2 years now and am pleased with the response I get for my Dental practice.Although I have been getting new patients who come in after reading the advertisement, some months seem to do better than others, but I receive consistent feedback from patients seeing my ads and realize how important it is to keep our name out there.

The Randolph & Roxbury News have been a big benefit for my practice and my rep Valerie has been a pleasure to work with. I look forward to my continued advertising in the Randolph, Roxbury & Musconetcong News.

Stacey Apgar,Title/Charmoy Dentistry