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December 5th marked the 65th International Leo Day and the Chester Lions Club is proud to join Lions and Leos everywhere in celebrating and recognizing Leo clubs for their service in the community.  Recently the club helped charter a Leo Club at Daytop Village in Mendham, NJ.  Primary to the goals of an established Leo Club are LEADERSHIP, EXPERIENCE, and OPPORTUNITY.  These are just a few of the rewards young people gain from participating in Leos.  They also happen to be the values that create the acronym of the club name.

More than 150,000 young people in 139 countries are proud volunteers, serving local communities and calling themselves Leos.  Youth who join Alpha clubs (ages 12-18) have fun, make new friends and experience the rewards of serving others.

Leo clubs provide young people with volunteer opportunities and are also a place to grow and have fun.  Although only recently established, the Daytop Leos have already experienced success in their volunteerism.  For their first project the club collected pet food and supplies to donate to a local animal shelter.  The Leos planned and executed the project from start to finish.  They were rewarded with over 4 car loads of donations which they dropped off at the Denville Animal Shelter.  “It felt so great to be able to do something for these animals” said Skyler Labinsky.  Skyler assured us that the Leos don’t plan to stop anytime soon.  “We already have some ideas for new projects to work on”.


As the holidays approach, the Chester Lions Club recognizes those who do not have the means to fully experience the joy and goodwill that permeates the season.

Seniors who occupy the Chester Area Senior Housing complex will be surprised with a gift from the Chester Lions Club, something that will brighten their holidays and will stimulate their taste buds.

In addition, several churches and synagogues in the area will be the recipients of funds to be used to allow those less fortunate to enjoy the holiday season.

The Chester Lions Club will also provide funds to the Chester Area Children’s fund “The Nurses Fund” which has been in existence for many years.  The fund was established to ensure that youngsters in the school system have proper attire and various other essentials.


Operation Jersey Cares, is an all volunteer organization that collects and sends products (necessities and tasty treats) to our military personnel overseas, financially helps combat wounded Marines and Soldiers and supports our veterans in Veteran Homes and Military Facilities.

The Chester Lions Club supports their effort and recently donated $1,000 to help them in their mission.

One recipient wrote “I have never in 15 years of service felt so much love as I did yesterday from the American people”.

For more information on Operation Jersey Cares please visit their website


For additional information regarding Lionism please visit our website at

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