Durban Avenue Elementary School – Christmas Around the World

Cynthia Randina, Hopatcong Superintendent of Schools, Announces – The students of Mrs. Strzepek’s class have been studying explorers in social studies to expand on their study of the world and to introduce informative essays. The class researched the Christmas traditions of countries around the world. The students were allowed to choose any country they wanted. Some chose a country to represent their heritage and others chose countries they were most interested in. In an effort to target computer literacy skills along with evidence that supports their research, the students worked hard to research the various traditions of the countries in the computer lab. The students were then instructed to write a three paragraph essay and cite their sources.

The students looked up the flag of the country they chose to include with their report and displayed their work proudly on the bulletin board outside their classroom. Mrs. Strzepek’s class and all of Durban Avenue Elementary school wish both you and your families a Happy Holiday break and a Happy New Year! 

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