Firemans’ Carnival Brings out Exciting Memories

Firemans’ Carnival Brings out Exciting Memories

By: Joseph Stanley Kurp

The town of Chester sure looked forward to an exciting highlight of every summer as the Chester Fire Department hosted its’ annual carnival the nights of June 24th-28th at Chubb Park, located on West Main Street.

Over hundreds of people attended the annual carnival over the last few nights filing into Chubb Park night after night ready to take part in the festivities. Carnival goers had the chance to ride carnival rides like the gravitorn, tea cups, slide, and merry go round and eat tasty foods like hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, and cotton candy.

The carnival goers also had the chance to enjoy relaxing fire truck rides, held by members of the fire department as the fire trucks rode around Chubb Park and especially the Chester area.

Although the rides, food, and fire truck rides were important highlights of the Chester Carnival, the most popular highlight of the annual carnival was the annual fireworks night held the night of Friday June 27th. The fireworks had carnival goers amazed and excited as they fired over the nighttime sky.

“The carnival sure is a great event to have in Chester every summer” said Neil Eratf, the Carnival Volunteer Chairman for the Chester Fire Co. “I feel that the community and our fire department like having it because it is rewarding to see the families coming out every year and enjoying all that it has to offer”.

Although another year of it has come and gone, the Chester Firemans Carnival has proven to become a major hit every year and seeks to continue to delight visitors in the near future.

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