Hopatcong Community Partnership and Character Education

Hopatcong Community Partnership and Character Education
Durban Avenue School takes great pride in their character education program. Their motto is Character Counts, We Know It We Show it. Teachers and students have worked on character lessons and themes
throughout the year.

The culminating activity was to identify local businesses as those who serve Hopatcong families in the community.  To demonstrate that these business owners are a proud supporter of the Durban Avenue
School where Character Counts, they asked owners to show our community know that their business is where character counts. Business owners were asked to place a plaque in a prominent place. The idea is that
while school is out for the summer, Durban Avenue students will be reminded of all the lessons they learned this year regarding character education, as they visit their favorite local businesses.
The plaques were donated by Sign Art located in Hopatcong. A big thank you to Sign Art!

On June 20, 2014, business owners were recognized with a small brunch gathering in the Durban Avenue Library. Students visited the library to say hello and thank the business owners.

Gina Cinotti, Director of Guidance, Liz Juliano, Guidance Secretary, and Lewis Benfatti, Principal of Durban Avenue, coordinated the event and facilitated the very successful event. “It was great to see the
students recognize local business as to connect the school with the community at large. We have so many wonderful businesses here in Hopatcong who continually support our schools.”, says Gina Cinotti.
All money spent on this program was either donated or funded by grants.


If you would like more information on this topic, or to schedule an interview with Cynthia Randina, Superintendent of Schools, please call JoAnne Murray at 973-398-8801 or email at jmmurray@hopatcongschools.org.


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