Lost Cat Still Missing Please Help

Sugar BearIf you have driven through Hackettstown in the past 2 months you have seen signs advertising a reward for a missing cat ’Sugar Bear’. That is our cat. We have gone to great lengths to find him–tracking dogs, pet detectives, posters, flyers, postcards, phone calls and knocking on doors. It’s been 9 weeks and no one has seen him. We are begging the public to please be on the lookout for a dark orange tabby cat with no tail. He is in this area, we just don’t know where. He is getting food somewhere–do you or someone you know feed stray cats? Can we put an infrared camera on your property to see if Sugar Bear is coming there to eat? Please, can you check around your property to see if a cat may be hiding in a shed or other enclosed space? It is also possible that someone has taken him in and does not realize that we are searching desperately for him. If you see him, don’t try to approach him, he is very timid and will probably run away. Call 732-895-5932 or 201-841-7712 and we will get someone to your location as fast as we can. We are offering a $500 reward for information leading to Sugar Bear’s recovery. Please, please help us find him. We are frantically worried and are desperate to get him home. We will not be able to find him without the help of our caring and compassionate neighbors. Many thanks, Lisa Mills and Brad Dolin

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  1. mills1863

    The title of the article on page 6 of the Jan 22nd, 2014 edition erroneously says that Sugar Bear has been found. Sugar Bear is STILL MISSING, please keep looking for him!

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