Morristown Teen Librarian Publishes First Novel

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By Kate Halse

Newly published author, New Jersey native Sandy Hall, was recently awarded a contract for her book, A Little Something Different. The contract, provided by new young adult romance publisher, Swoon Reads, promised to give a contract to a write whose book captures the hearts of online readers.

Hall’s contract with Swoon Reads was announced on Valentine’s Day. Her book centers around two college students who fall in love.

Hall, a teen librarian in Morristown, recalls anxiously waiting for news from Swoon Reads after sending in her manuscript. The good news, telling her that her manuscript had been accepted, arrived in her email inbox on a cold Monday morning.

Swoon Reads will print a total of 100,000 copies of Hall’s book.

The book tells the story of two college students who fall in love. However, it is told from several different perspectives, capturing the thoughts of various characters as they watch the romance unfold from a distance.

Jean Feiwel, a publisher who came up with the idea for Swoon Reads, says of Hall, “I couldn’t have asked for a better candidate.” She calls Hall’s work “fresh” and “original.” The company thinks the young author is “kind of a diamond in the rough.”

Sandy Hall’s inspiration for the novel came from the Swoon Read site itself. “When I heard about the site last fall I’d been working on writing a different novel, but it didn’t have a serious romance plot in it,” Hall said. “So I decided to try my hand at writing a contemporary romance, but decided to mix it up a bit by using multiple points of view.” She explains, “Rather than having the two characters who are falling for each other narrate the story, it’s told by the people around them, their professor, their friends, the barista at the Starbucks they frequent, etc.”

Looking back on the process of writing the novel, Hall says that, “The finish is always the most rewarding.” She continues, “I love sharing my writing and getting feedback. It doesn’t feel real to me until I get a story to a place that I can share it.”

The novel writing process didn’t come without its own challenges, however. The most challenging part, says Hall, is “this set of edits I’m working on right now.” She says that although the editing has taken up a lot of energy, “it’s still a good challenge, a productive challenge.”

Feiwel believes that the book is one that will get young readers excited, and is something that they genuinely want to read. “We think it’s a big deal,” she explains. “We’re pretty excited about this.”

She also says that the goal is to make Hall a bestseller. She will become a bestseller if all of the 100,000 copies of A Little Something Different sell.

As of right now, Hall is working on her final manuscript for Swoon Reads and hopes that her life as a writer is beginning. She explains that although this is her first published novel, there are two more that are in assorted phases of editing. However, Hall says that currently “everything has been put on hold to focus on A Little Something Different.

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