Athletes and sufferers from chronic conditions can drain their ice baths and head on over to New Jersey Spinal Care in Wayne for the latest therapeutic approach to recovery.

NJ Spinal Care is one of four facilities in the tri-state area to offer this new technological treatment called Cryotherapy. Used by mostly athletes to treat all chronic conditions as well as acute therapy, Cryotherapy is administered through a Cryotherapy Machine.

Whether in need for chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy or acupuncture treatments, patients of NJ Spinal Care will receive the latest techniques in treatment, even its most recent addition- Cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy, a physical therapy treatment, is “the newest, most cutting edge way to recover after exercise or injury as well as promote the healing of chronic conditions,” says Dr. James Wolf of Wayne, facility director and chiropractor at NJ Spinal Care. “It is great for all chronic conditions as well as acute recovery.”

In its 12th year, NJ Spinal Care provides a multi-disciplinary approach to health care. Four chiropractors, four physical therapists, one massage therapists and one acupuncturist are “all working together to achieve results,” says Wolf. This is “one of the few places you can go and have every aspect or chronic condition treated simultaneously.”

Services such as class four laser, traditional modalities, physical therapy, chiropractic care and acupuncture and whole body cryotherapy are offered.

Wolf received the new Cryotherapy Machine just five months ago. Whole-body Cryotherapy was first introduced in Japan in 1978, and subsequently worldwide. Although used in Europe by mostly professional athletes, the technology was recently brought over to the United States by professional hockey players, explains Wolf.

Experts wanted to offer the treatment to the general athlete, as well as those who suffer from chronic conditions.

Cryotherapy is the whole-body or localized use of extremely cold temperatures in therapy from below zero temperatures, from negative 230 degrees Fahrenheit to negative 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The term “cryotherapy” comes from the Greek words ‘cryo’ meaning cold and ‘therapy’ meaning cure. The goal of cryotherapy treatment is to offer better health and a faster recovery from injury, with the reduction of inflammation, pain relief and improved mobility.

In cold temperatures, blood vessels quickly constrict forming a protective layer while the core body temperature is maintained. The process naturally stimulates blood circulation as the body’s hormone, immune, and nervous systems are activated.

Patients receiving Cryotherapy are placed into the Cryotherapy Machine, which is like a “stand-up tanning bed,” explains Wolf. Users wear underwear, gloves, socks and slippers and are inside the machine for two to three minutes. Liquid nitrogen gets pumped into the chamber lowering the temperature, making it the “coldest place on earth,” says Wolf.

Wolf explains that while the gas gets penetrated a half inch, the brain is triggered into thinking “you are freezing to death.” The organs, therefore respond, and act by detoxifying the blood and getting rid of all inflammatories. It oxidizes the blood, bringing healing to the tissues, muscles and joints.

Wolf describes the feeling similar to the chill one feels when exiting a pool after an evening swim, “just slightly magnified.” It “penetrates a half inch deep so you don’t have that bone chilling cold. Unlike ice, it’s a systematic process that affects the blood. Your body is feeling the cold, blood circulates and is the healer.”

Wolf compares the Cryotherapy treatment to an ice bath, but unlike an ice bath that can take 20 minutes to work, the Cryotherapy machine takes only two to three minutes. Also with an ice bath, an individual would have to wait 40 minutes to get his body temperature back to normal; whereas with Cryotherapy, it takes “seconds” to get back to normal body temperature.

“You don’t feel miserable like you do in an ice bath,” says Wolf, with the Cryotherapy treatment. There are also no side effects.

“You can accomplish more in two to three minutes, what used to take 25 to 30 minutes,” says Wolf. “It’s the least invasive way to heal the soft tissues.”

To be a candidate of the Cryotherapy treatment, patients must be 14 years old or older and can not have a history of blood clots.

The only other locations in the Tri-State area to have a Cryotherapy machine are the New York Knicks, New York Ranges, and another practitioner.

“It’s a newer technology,” says Wolf, “As a faculty we try to institute new technologies.” The distributor of the machine is in Texas.

Statistics have shown a “very high success rate,” says Wolf, especially in the area of herniated discs, shoulder, knee and hip injuries. Most patients include the “average weekend warrior,” college and professional football players and high school athletes.

NJ Spinal Care offers a free consultation to determine whether a patient would be a good candidate for the Cryotherapy treatment. For more information, call NJ Spinal Care at 973-942-4449.

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