Resident not Happy with BOE decision on Food Services Option.

Resident not Happy with BOE decision on Food Services Option.

Recently the Mt. Olive Board of Education placed an ad inviting private food service companies to bid on providing services to our schools. As the board considers their options in this regard I would like to ask the board members and the citizens of Mt. Olive to consider carefully what they are proposing. There is no financial benefit to the district or taxpayers in outsourcing this department as it is self- supporting. As the food service is run now, there are 30 school employees the majority of who are also town residents and parents of children currently enrolled in our schools or whose children have graduated from our school system. These are people who live in our neighborhoods, cheer from the sidelines at soccer games, applaud our children at concerts and plays, shop in our town’s stores and eat in our town’s restaurants. They are familiar faces to our children. They are not strangers to our town. Last year when our board of education explored privatizing the transportation services they were met with the undeniable fact that the people of this town don’t want outside companies running anything in our schools. I am not only a taxpayer and parent; I am also an employee of the Mt. Olive school food service. We take care of our students. We help ensure that those students with diets restricted by allergies or diabetes or other medical conditions are making appropriate food choices. All six of our schools have breakfast available, and participate in the federal free and reduced meal programs. Our special education students are given extra assistance as necessary by our lunch ladies. Will a private for- profit company do these things? When a student’s lunch, money, or lunch ticket is lost or forgotten will there be a familiar face who will be sure to give a full lunch, or will the student with no money or lunch ticket be given only a milk and a piece of fruit to get them through the day? Do we really want to find that out? If the residents of Mt. Olive don’t want a private company running the food service in our schools they need to let the Board of Education know by contacting them or attending the next board of education meeting so that it can be taken into consideration as they make this important decision. Thank you.

Susan D

Mt Olive Township

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