The Budd Lake First Aid and Rescue Squad Runs on Dunkin’ Donuts

by Jen Nelson

Dunkin’ Donuts Franchisee VBCE Group-North Jersey, saw an opportunity to help the Budd Lake First Aid and Rescue Squad (BLFARS), and the community, at the same time.

Meeting with Phyllis Gentile, President of the Budd Lake First Aid and Rescue Squad at the Dunkin’ Donuts franchise next to the squad building in Budd Lake, last week, Kalpesh Patel spoke about his work with Dunkin’ Donuts.

With six stores in the Morris/Warren County area of New Jersey, Patel and the VBCE Group are an integral part and start of the day for many residents who travel the commuter corridors to work, each day. It’s common knowledge and experience that many commuters start the day with a cup of coffee, and the television and print ads stating that the “country runs on Dunkin’ Donuts” reflects this country’s focus on keeping up with a busy society and workforce.

Whether customers sit and enjoy a light meal, or take their coffee with them “to go,” the traffic at this location is constant and cheerful. Whether it’s bus drivers, families, friends sharing an ice coffee on a hot summer day, or a hot chocolate during a recent snowstorm, they meet at this place that hums with energy that is palpable and welcoming. One can sit and observe the coming and going of many people who pass through here from all walks of life, and, outside the side windows, watch the frequent activity of the first aid and rescue squad next door.

Patel said that he, too, has watched as the members of the squad raced out to emergencies around Budd Lake, and admired their volunteerism and dedication to the people of this town.

Gentile, active in the community in several groups, proudly spoke to Patel of the first aid and rescue squad that has grown over the years with dedicated members who receive thorough training in all aspects of EMS and Rescue operations, in weekly drills, monthly training and constant response to emergencies in town.
Gentile, a member of 20 years, invited Patel to visit the squad building, where he learned about the planning, training and quick response time of members to approximately 900 calls received every year. Operating with three ambulances, a fully-equipped rescue truck, and the township mass incident truck, the squad also trains and operates a water rescue boat.

Patel saw and understood the need for newer computers to maintain the squad’s challenging administrative business – financial records, donations received from the public, correspondence, record keeping – and the technical reports, such as tables, etc., related to the operation of the squad based on first aid and rescue response calls, training, and membership.

An advocate and staunch supporter of community involvement and outreach, Patel gathered up his resources and responded to the squad’s call for help. Patel states, “I wanted to reach out to this fine community group,” and offered to donate new computers to help meet the needs of a busy and critical service to the community.

Patel is no stranger to community outreach, having supported other organizations, such as the American Red Cross Blood Drive, held in a mobile bus parked in the Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot in Budd Lake, on February 19th. Patel also proudly hung up framed recognition saying, “Dunkin’ Donuts of Budd Lake Supports the Mount Olive Junior Marauders.”

When presented with two brand new HP Desktop PC 110-210, Windows 8.1 models, Gentile thanked Patel for the generous donation, saying that it will help them keep and sustain their records more efficiently, a very valuable tool in their busy day-to-day operation.

Budd Lake will continue to run – and answer critical first aid and rescue calls – on Dunkin’ Donuts, thanks to a good community and business partnership forged over morning coffee, appreciation and outreach.

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