The Memory Garden Has People Coming Together

The Memory Garden Has People Coming Together

Denise D’Amico Novaky

I am so very thrilled to announce that, as the sponsor of The Memory Garden, The Become Awesome Foundation received significant support and helpful information as knowledge about the Garden has spread. Ms. Conway’s wonderful article in the last edition of The Mt. Olive News certainly was an important conduit and we are thankful for the newspaper’s interest. We continue to plant in the current Garden and plan for expansion in the next 2-3 years before completion. Mt. Olive Township has been an integral source of support and provided trees as well as garden benches at the Garden site. As knowledge about the Garden has spread throughout our community, many parents who lost their children have come forward to join the project. Some of these parents lost adult-aged children recently or years ago when I lived here as an emerging adult. Others lost their children within recent months or years. Still, we are coming together as individual s who can support like no other. All of us have a common goal and common bond: that our children will not be forgotten. Speaking for myself, it’s wonderful to have camaraderie and not be alone.

The Nick Novaky Become Awesome Foundation website lists the individuals who lost their lives before reaching their 30th birthday and wishes to include a brief memory about each person listed. Please review the website and provide any memories, etc. about the individuals listed, especially those who have no information listed. Of course, let us know about any errors or omitted names as well.

Sitting at the Garden is very peaceful. Some pass by with their dogs on their way to The Dog Park and I typically hear positive comments about the Garden’s beauty. Thank you. Sometimes, distant excitement from the baseball or soccer fields can be heard and I am reminded of cherished years with my own children. Of course, the land around the Garden is still uncultivated. I have visions of a pathway that meanders between planned flower gardens as well as plots of wildflowers.

The spirits of our children travel around us in the wind and land on the petals and leaves that we grow in the Garden.

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