Weis Markets Offers Customers To Add To Cart Online

The new online shopping service offered at the new Weis Markets in Flanders
has opened up a world of convenience for shoppers.

Shoppers not only have more supermarkets to choose from in Mt. Olive with
the opening of Weis Markets in Flanders last month, but they also have more
choices when it comes to how they want to do their shopping. Customers can
enjoy a 24-hour ordering service selecting all of their groceries online and
then reserve a pick up at their Weis store. Orders must be placed four hours
in advance at participating stores to allow enough time for trained
associates to shop for the freshest products and arrange the order.

With lives as busy as they are, couples working full-time or multiple jobs,
children in many sports and activities- grocery shopping is that one extra
chore that must get done to keep the household going. The online shopping
service is a great solution to those juggling time, new moms struggling to
transfer babies from car seats to shopping carts, and individuals with

“It’s a great convenient way” to do shopping, says Paul Berkle of
Flemington, project manager for Weis Online Shopping. “It’s a service that
definitely has a demand from our customers.

“Customers today are busier than ever,” says Berkle. “They are working more
hours. Customers are looking for services that save them time out of their
busy schedule. It’s a growing demand in the economy we are in. We wanted to
offer our customers a convenient service. We wanted to take the hassle out
of grocery shopping. If we can save them an hour wandering around our store,
that’s a great option to our people.”

The online shopping service is currently available in 17 Weis locations,
with all stores in New Jersey offering the service. Berkle says the company
is looking to triple that number in two years.

“It’s something we are quickly expanding,” says Berkle. “Customers are
thrilled with the convenience stand point.”

Weis Markets is a chain of supermarkets based mostly in Pennsylvania, with
stores also in Maryland, West Virginia, New York, and NJ. Locations in NJ
include Flanders, Hackettstown, Hillsborough, Newton and Franklin.

Other grocery stores do offer online shopping but currently none of them are
located in Mt. Olive other than the Weis store. The price for the Weis
service is amazingly affordable.

For $4.95 customers can go online 24 hours a day and order their groceries
without stepping foot out of their car. Customers can try it out for free
for their first on-line purchase. Instructions are simple.

Go to Weis Markets.com/onlineshopping; select a location for pick-up; review
the circular on line, click on items for purchase and add to cart. Customers
can browse by category, by canned vegetables, or they can browse by using
search options to identify specific items. They also select the quantity,
and can provide special instructions like “yellow bananas verses green
For meats customers can specify weight; ripe verses less ripe.

“You can add notes to any item,” says Berkle.

All items are available online, frozen, fresh, hot prepared foods like
chicken or pizza.

“We just need to time it,” says Berkle, as they pick up their orders, so
“hot items are fresh and hot for customers,” and frozen items remain frozen.

All weekly sale prices are included. As an added bonus, the website saves
past orders so customers can add, delete or modify from their list.
Customers can also select the items all at once or go back to their list
during the week to add items to their order.

Once they complete their order, they select the day and time for pick up in
half-hour increments. There are 22 different time slots offered between the
service time from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week. There is no maximum or
minimum order required.

Upon arrival at the store, the customer pulls up to one of the three
designated parking spots reserved for the online shopping service.

With the online shopping service, a “customer never has to get out of the
car,” says Berkle. “We greet them, load their car, take payment. They pull
into the space. There’s a call box there.”

Payment options include Pay Pal online, or any mobile payment from their car
such as credit or debit. The associate will have a mobile payment machine on
hand for customers to make their payment, and associates will return back to
the store if change is needed for payments received in cash. Coupons will
also be accepted and scanned at the car.

“We keep everything in proper refrigeration,” says Berkle, when associates
are gathering customers’ orders. “We grab it out of refrigeration with
payment device. For fresh items, we wait as close as possible when people
shop them.”

One concern about online shopping has been entrusting others to do their

“There’s a certain personalized way that a customer does his shopping,” says
Berkle. “Our biggest obstacle is to get customers to try it for the first
time. People are very skeptical; do I allow someone to pick out my items for

At Weis Markets, “we have specially trained associates in each department,”
says Berkle that know “how to hand select items in that department. They
hand select each item. They are taught and trained to select those items as
if shopping for their own household family. We’re going to pick out the
shiniest apple. We’re going to pick out the milk with the latest expiration

Berkle says, “Our associates are specifically trained in each department to
pick out the best of what we have. Some like to handpick their things. We
take special pride in hand-picking what we have to make sure it’s the
freshest of what we provide. They do take special care. Our associates shop
the order as if it’s for their own family.”

“The service has been extremely well received,” says Berkle. “It’s been
great for customers with kids; it’s such a hassle for them to go into the
store, unload them from the car seat, and worry about them crying in the
store.” All the mom has to do “is pull into the space.

“Double households can pick up their order on their way home from work. It’s
one less thing you have to worry about during the day. It’s a great,
convenient way to save their time throughout the day, between cooking
dinner, getting children to bed, that gives me ten minutes of time to
myself. Any time we can save for our customers is a win for us.

“It’s something our customers are loving,” concludes Berkle. “It’s something
we want to continue with very strongly.” It is “quick, convenient and easy.”

To try Weis Online Shopping, MJ Media Group readers can use an exclusive
promo code to save $20 off their online order of $150 or more at any New
Jersey Weis Markets location. Just type in the promo code NJMEDIA20 when
checking out online for savings. The offer expires on May 10, 2014.



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