​Mendham Dentists to Support Troops Overseas By Buying Kids’ Halloween Candy

For the seventh year, Dr. M. Corey Johnson and Dr. Karen Fenichel of Jockey Hollow Dentistry LLC will buy local kids’ Halloween treats and send the candy to American servicemen and servicewomen overseas. The doctors will work with Operation Jersey Cares to assure that the candy gets to the right hands.

Johnson and Fenichel are general dentists whose practice, Jockey Hollow Dentistry LLC, serves the Mendham area

“Jockey Hollow Dentistry is continuing its tradition of supporting the troops with Halloween candy,” said Johnson. “We’re looking forward to collecting a lot of candy to send overseas.”

Each trick-or-treater can bring their candy to Jockey Hollow Dentistry, 5 Cold Hill Road South, Suite 8. The dental office will buy up to eight pounds of candy for a $1 a pound. Children must be 16 years old or younger and must be accompanied by an adult. Adults may donate extra candy, small toys, other items or notes.

“Halloween means lots of candy all at once,” said Fenichel. “Children don’t need to eat all the sweets they bring home. Not eating all that candy will prevent a lot of cavities, and sending it to our heroes overseas will give our troops something to enjoy.”

This year, Jockey Hollow Dentistry is working with Operation Jersey Cares, a group made up of veterans and supporters. The group sends packages to men and women serving overseas and continues to support them when they return home to New Jersey.

Fenichel said she became involved with the candy buy-back program seven years ago because many of the families at Jockey Hollow Dentistry had members serving in the military.

“Jockey Hollow Dentistry is a family-oriented practice, so we develop close relationships with our patients,” she said. “Some of them have children in the service. I know several young men and women who are serving their country and I think of them as we’re doing this. Sending a little taste of this fun-oriented holiday is a small thank-you gesture to them.”

Johnson said the candy serves two other purposes.

“I’m told the troops love getting the candy,” he said. “Packages like these are great reminders from home that we’re thinking of them and that we appreciate everything they’re doing. I also understand that the troops enjoy some of the candy, but they also give a lot of it to the children in the villages where winning hearts is as important as winning military victories.”

Johnson says he’s not worried about contributing to dental problems in combat zones.

“A lot of people ask us about that,” he acknowledged. “Service members are older and their teeth are better developed, so they’re not as susceptible to cavities as young children are. In addition, they understand the need to rinse, brush and floss after eating the sweets.”

Children can bring their candy to Jockey Hollow Dentistry through Nov. 11. The Jockey Hollow team will box up the candy and other items and Operation Jersey Cares will pick it up. They then repackage the candy into individual care packages.

Jockey Hollow Dentistry LLC is a family-oriented dental practice serving Mendham and surrounding communities. For more information, click on https://www.jockeyhollowdentistry.com or call (973) 543-4828.

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