2020 Green Communities Achievement Award

Request for Nominations

The New Jersey Green Communities Achievement Award recognizes those nominees whose outstanding efforts have greatly contributed to the field of urban and community forestry in New Jersey. Exemplary work, whether public or
private is eligible for the award program.
The Green Communities Awards recognize up to 4 recipients per year in the following categories:
 Individual
 Municipality
 Business/Tree Care Industry
 Non-profit/Non-governmental organization The criteria for nomination are:
 Improving the environment in New Jersey’s communities through wise management of the trees and forest resources, and the development of a self-sustaining local urban and community forestry program.
 Raising awareness of the value of urban and community trees and forests in New Jersey through education and outreach.
 Enhancing the beauty of New Jersey’s cities and towns with programs and projects for trees and forests.
 Providing exceptional effort and meritorious contributions to the field of urban and community forestry in New Jersey.

Please provide a brief nomination narrative providing justification for the nomination based on the categories and criteria described above. Nomination must state the Name, Title, Organization, Email, and Telephone Number of both the nominator and the nominee. Nomination narratives should not exceed two (2) pages in length. Self nominations are accepted and encouraged.
Winners will be asked to present and share their work during a session at the 2020 Shade Tree Federation Conference.
Nominations for the 2020 Green Communities Awards are due by  5:00 pm, Saturday, February 15, 2020.

Nominations must be emailed to Shannon Hart, NJ Urban and Community Forestry Program,Shannon.hart@dep.nj.gov. The subject of the email must state 2020 Green Communities Award Nomination. Questions may be directed to Ms. Hart at the email provided or 609.292.6512.

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