24 Hour Dance Marathon Praises God & Helps Others

Television’s “Happy Days” theme song “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley & His Comets played 24 times to kick off each hour of the Christian Drama School’s 24 hour Dance Marathon which started on January 10, 2020. A total of 72 dancers and 21 helpers raised $22,451.82 to support students in New Jersey and Uganda, Africa. Funds are now being used to build a new school and home for 400 children in the Nansana community near Kampala, Uganda. 


The 72 dancers were divided into nine teams. Each team included one Red Shirt dancer, four Blue Shirt dancers, and three Orange Shirt children. All nine Red Shirts succeeded in dancing for all 24 hours with help from their teams. Red Shirts included Chloe Chinnadurai, Mark Urbanik, Autumn VanBuskirk, Dante Sinatra, Emma Worrall, Mia Hollstein, Timmy Johnson, Sarah Harrs Beckham, and Rev. Kim Padfield Urbanik. 


This was Rev. Padfield Urbanik’s 10th time dancing for 24 hours to raise funds to help others. Previous marathons helped victims of hurricanes in New Jersey and impoverished children in Africa through the Heart for People Foundation. “We dance to heart pounding music from all the Christian shows we have performed in 20 years.” She added, “Our marathon is really a 24 hour prayer that worships God in crazy fun ways to help others.” View “Christian Drama School of New Jersey Dance Marathon” on YouTube. 


Dancers raised funds by gaining sponsors and support from local churches especially the Denville Community Church, Christ the King, and the Bible Fellowship Church. The marathon was divided into 8 themes (3 hours each) including: Africa Mission Possible, Western What Would Jesus Do?, Jesus Sports Spectacular, Spaced-Out Pirate Odyssey, Famous Christian Battles, Christmas Shows & Vacation Bible School, Storms & Floods, and Kingdom of God. Dancers “rocked around the clock” marking each hour with letters from the alphabet. 


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