4-H Seeing Eye Puppies To Visit Mendham Township Library

By Steve Sears
The Seeing Eye, which proudly state on its website that it is “a
philanthropic organization whose mission is to enhance the
independence, dignity, and self-confidence of blind people through the
use of Seeing Eye dogs,” will present a program on July 10, from 7 p.m.
to 8 p.m. at the Mendham Township Library.
The presentation details the history of Seeing Eye and puppy raising
itself. About 10 – 15 puppies will be present at the event, each handled
by a youth or adult.
Kristin Kabis, who is co-leader of the Morristown-based 4-H Seeing Eye
Puppy Club, Puppy Tails, will present the program. Kabis is in her
fourth year as co-leader, and her mom, Linda, who is in her 20th year, is
also a co-leader.
She says, “We like to share the puppy love with the public whenever we
can. It offers a socialization experience that helps our puppies become
successful guide dogs. The community benefits by learning more about
The Seeing Eye that is so close to home, the opportunity to become a
puppy raiser, and to learn how amazing these dogs are.” She continues,
“Puppy raising is a wonderful experience for both youth and adults. It
teaches you to love and let go while making such a difference in the life
of someone else. You learn about patience, dog care, kindness, and
giving back. These puppies give you so much love during the year
you're raising them that it helps you when you have to say goodbye.
You also want to continue in the program and do it all over again; in our
family's case, we are now raising puppy #29, a female golden retriever
named Carina.” All puppy raisers are volunteers.
Trish Hall, program director at the Mendham Township Library,
explains a bit about the library and its programs, especially the Seeing
Eye event.
“The Mendham Township Library strives to bring educational,
informative, cultural, interesting, and thought-provoking programs
throughout the year,” she said. “We offer three programs each month to
adults and additional programs for children including story time and
Lego club, and events for teens as well. The Seeing Eye event that we

have planned for July 10 at 7 p.m. should encompass all age groups,
from small children to seniors.”
Per Hall, Seeing Eye is an important part of the community, and the fact
that the Morristown school and training facility for puppies neighbors
Mendham more encouraged the presentation.
“Many families are part of the puppy training program and we see the
Seeing Eye dogs frequently,” she says. “We hope to enlighten the
community with the program; to tell the people more about The Seeing
Eye and more specifically about the 4-H Seeing Eye Puppy Raising
Program. By giving people the opportunity to see the puppies and meet
their trainers they will understand the program and possibly wish to
participate as well. If nothing else, we will give people the chance to
learn a little more about The Seeing Eye and the 4-H Puppy Raising
Program in addition to having some time seeing many puppies and most
likely the chance to pet them as well. We hope to have a large group at
the program of all ages, as many people are dog lovers and supporters of
the Seeing Eye.”
More information about Seeing Eye can be found at www.seeingeye.org
and by calling (973) 539-4425. To register to attend the program, visit

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