A Crunchy, Caramelized Delight


(Family Features) When it comes to fall, certain foods become an iconic representation of the season. Sweet treats are certainly part of the seasonal traditions for many families, especially when they call for the versatile flavor of apples.


You can make your next family dessert a hit with the rich taste of Country Caramel Apples, a simple take on a classic fall treat that calls for just three ingredients. Just carve out round pieces of apple, insert toothpicks into each bite then let little ones help roll on the caramel dip and crushed pecans.


An option like the Envy apple, which has been referred to as “the ultimate apple experience” for its consistently balanced, refreshing sweetness coupled with a crisp, elegant crunch, adds just the right texture. Easy to spot with their crimson red skin over a golden background that practically glows, the apples are naturally descended from Braeburn and Royal Gala apple varieties, bred by farmers who use time-honored plant-breeding methods. Plus, the apples’ bright white flesh is naturally slow to brown when sliced, so they stay fresher longer.


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Country Caramel Apples


3          Envy Apples

crushed pecans

caramel dip


Using melon ball scoop, carve out round apple pieces by starting at skin and rotating inward.


Insert one toothpick into each apple piece.


Place crushed pecans in small bowl.


Roll round apple pieces in caramel dip then crushed pecans.


Place coated apple bites on serving tray and refrigerate until ready to serve.

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