A Menu To Match School Diversity In Randolph

Students at the Fernbrook Elementary School in Randolph recently enjoyed a special lunch of Indian cuisine, thanks to the creative idea of one of its students and a Student Voice Group.
Fifth grader Veer Patel said he thought the school lunch menu should better represent the diversity of the school. He suggested this to the Student Voice Group and Principal Dr. Michelle Telischak, who then helped set up a meeting with Maschio’s Food Service which loved the idea.
The results were delicious, according to Veer, who went up for seconds. “It’s really good,” said Veer, as he explained that his tray contained basmati rice, chicken tikka masala, naan bread, potato samosas and mango lassi to drink.
“They better have this again,” said fifth grader Emma Dalangin. “It was so good”
Food Service Director Maria Riccitelli and Maschio’ Chef Joe Maida said they were pleased with how well the special luncheon was received, especially with the fifth graders, and are planning a Hispanic luncheon and then a Filipino luncheon in the future.
“We were really excited about it,” Riccitelli said. “Perhaps we can do this once a month.”

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