A Note from Christian Drama School

Dear Friends, 

I am overjoyed to report that the Christian Drama School of New Jersey raised a grand total of $2,093 to help families who lost their homes due to recent fires in the Bonny Doon area near Santa Cruz, California. Last Wednesday, I mailed our Christmas Care Package to Bonny Doon. It included a CDS check in the amount of $1,958 from the families of the Christian Drama School plus 6 Visa Gift Cards. I also sent a Flash Drive with the video that our youth made and letters they wrote to encourage the Bonny Doon congregation which is led by Rev. Breeden. I do not know Rev. Breeden personally, but my colleague, Rev. Anne McAnelly, connected me to him. Rev. Anne and I graduated from seminary together in 1991. In other news, Heart for People was able to send a total of $770 to Uganda. Much more is needed as Segawa, Lillian, and school leaders we know continue to face the Covid-19 crisis. It has turned into a starvation problem for students in Uganda. Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support of Christian Drama School and Heart for People. Please feel free to share with anyone interested in the future of CDS.

Much Love and Gratefulness, 

Rev. Kim


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