A safe way to dispose of your old hard drives

Do you have old devices with sensitive information, but don’t know what to do with them?  Many people simply throw them out, or even try to destroy their hard drives and devices themselves.
Whether you throw your old hard drive in the garbage or take matters into your own hands, attempting to destroy or dispose of your own hard drive is no simple task and can be very dangerous.
After working with numerous local business owners and residents who were concerned about the sensitive data on their old hard drives, two former Livingston High School graduates decided to start Tech Shredders.
Tech Shredders is a new service that helps local businesses and homeowners safely and permanently destroy their hard drives and personal data, while helping the environment too!
And more than being just the easiest way to dispose and destroy old data…Tech Shredders will even disassemble your old electronics and take them away to recycle! Best of all, they will come to you in their mobile truck – on site destruction you can see for yourself!
Book your appointment today and get 20% off your 1st service with code LN20.
TechShredders.com/offers or call 973-542-2424.

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