Allegro School Recognizes Girl Scout Troop and Celebrates New Swings and Playground

Members of Hanover Township Girl Scout Troop 6174 were recognized at a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for helping a special group of people. The troop of 23 girls learned about the Allegro School, a local not for profit school educating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their need to replace swings which had been removed due to age and deterioration. 


The scouts learned about sensory processing disorder which impacts the way that individuals with autism process the sensory information they receive from their environments.  They learned that playground swings can be utilized as a strategy to change an individual’s arousal level to help them focus and attend. They learned that children with autism, just like other children, enjoy playing on the playground.  Playgrounds, swings in particular, are used as a positive reinforcement for students’ efforts in their school programming and learning continues to occur on the playground as the children apply concepts learned in the classroom.


Wanting to bring back the health benefits and enjoyment of the swings for their peers and neighbors, the scouts focused their Bronze award project on helping the students at Allegro School. They decided their project would be to raise money to purchase new swings for the Allegro playground and raise awareness about autism spectrum disorder and the Allegro School.    


On June 13th, the school held a formal ribbon cutting to recognize and thank the girl scouts and the many other community members and donors who helped make the playground project possible. In addition to the new swings, the revitalized playground includes a bench dedicated in memory of Karyn Datzko, a recently deceased teacher at Allegro School. Sal Iannaccone was also recognized for his oversight of the project.


Allegro School a nonprofit organization that provides quality services to educate and support persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder as needed throughout their lifespan. For more information please visit

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