Annual Car Show Raises Money For Charities

By Elsie Walker

On Memorial Day Sunday, several 100 people walked through the
parking lots of MARS Wrigley Confectionery. The smell of chocolate
was in the air. However, people weren’t there to take in the aroma or to
ogle the statues of the popular M&Ms gang or even to get the free candy
they received upon entering.
Approximately 745 people came to see the 145 classic cars on display
and to support a number of good causes both close to home and far
away. It was the 24 th annual Memorial Motor Madness.
The car show is presented by the Hackettstown Rotary. The weather
wasn’t perfect, but people didn’t seem to notice, especially the busy
rotary members who worked to get things done.
“We can’t control the weather, but we had everything else in control
concerning organization and presentation, and we all agree it was our
best show ever in that regard,” said Kevin Guyette, past president.
It is clear that people are dedicated to the show. Popular DJ, Doc South,
was on hand and noted he’s been at every show since the event began.
Also, as he does every year, because it is Memorial Day weekend, Doc
South asked for a moment of silence for those who serve. He donates
his fee for playing the car show to the VFW’s Operation Uplink.
“That's a service of the VFW that provides 100 minute virtual phone
cards to soldiers stationed away from home,” explained the DJ. In
addition, Doc South put out a jar for donations to Operation Uplink
which he sends on to it. The jar was given to him when the Chatterbox
drive-in, one of his regular appearances, opened 15 years ago.

“It's been at every gig I do since then,” said Doc Smith. “Total
donations from all gigs now stands at $20,735. I'm pretty tickled over
Besides her thanks to Doc South, Guyette also noted her thanks to the
vendors who were on hand selling everything from food to model cars:
“We’re also grateful to our many vendors who braved the iffy weather to
support our efforts,” Guyette said.
The show raised money for some very worthy causes. Among those
local organizations touched by the event are The Hackettstown Medical
Center, The Arc of Warren County, NORWESCAP Food bank and other
local food pantries, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Domestic Abuse and
Sexual Assault Crisis Center, Hackettstown Little League, scholarship
and dictionary programs, Camp Warren and Camp Merry Heart, House
of The Good Shepherd and veterans’ programs.
However, the reach of the funds raised goes beyond the local borders.
“Globally, the [rotary] club is currently involved with the Himalayan
Cataract Program which provides low-cost cataract surgeries, $25 per
person, that help people in Ghana regain their eyesight in 24 hours, and
we have supported solar light projects, clean water initiatives, and early
intervention services abroad,” shared Guyette.
The show was sponsored by WRNJ Radio, Honda of Hackettstown,
Autosport Chevrolet, Johnson Dodge, MARS Wrigley Confectionery,
Rt.46 Hyundai, and Warren County Community College.
Guyette commented on the host site, which had on display its own
racing car decorated with M&M graphics.
“MARS Wrigley Confectionery [has] maintained its strong interest
in, and support of, the show by welcoming everyone onto their grounds
and making their associates available to help in any way needed. They
are all so hospitable, friendly, and definitely have our backs so that
things go smoothly. We are greatly indebted to them for making this
show possible.”

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