Another short film to be shot in Long Valley in October

“Death of Humanity” to be filmed along Columbia Trail

by Jeff Garrett


LONG VALLEY – Long Valley resident, Kim Kavin, an award-winning freelance 

writer and editor, recently created a piece titled, “Death of Humanity,” which 

will be turned into a 10-minute film in October 2023 along the Columbia Trail.  

The piece focuses on loss, compassion and humanity.

The film follows another film’s production shot in Long Valley in early June, “The 

Mailbox.” It was also produced by Innerscope Studios.

Kavin is no stranger to success in the field of writing and communications but she 

admits she’s green when it comes to screenwriting.

So, when did Lavin switch gears in the writing to screenwriting fields?

“Basically, on my 50th birthday last year, my friends got me a subscription to 

MasterClass,” which is an online class that shows one how to become a 

screenwriter. “I started watching, saw the ‘Ron Howard influence’ coming, so I 

took another class with a vice president at Warner Brothers,” and her interest 

in this writing genre seemed to peak.

“I saw a post on a Facebook page from someone in Washington Township from 

Tony Sciorino. He wanted to start making short films. Meanwhile I had an idea 

about a short film,” so the pieces started falling into place. “Turns out Tony has a 

friend who can film and he moved out of New York during the pandemic to New 

Jersey,” so the stars really aligned for the three of them with a writer, producer 

and director coming together.

“The three of us got together at ‘The Coffee Potter’ in Long Valley. Turns out they 

had some ideas they wanted to run by me; they admitted they aren’t really 

writers, so I provided them with feedback.”

This film-making threesome will only keep collaborating up until and past 

October, when they will shoot, “Death of Humanity,” and put their creativity to 

the test on the screen for others to see.

Heck, Long Valley Mayor, Matt Murello, may make another visit to the set, just 

like he did on June 3 for the beginning of the “The Mailbox” shoot. 

For now, the award-winning writer turned screenwriter and her partners are 

giddy with excitement over what will be this Fall, with a happy trepidation no less.

“We have all of these local people trying to make this happen,” she said, “what’s 

the worst that could happen? We make a bad 10-minute movie?” Adding, 

“What’s the best that can happen … we make a great one,” said Kavin.  

Then perhaps, the three of them make that many more good ones.

For more information on “Death of Humanity” and “The Mailbox,” logon to



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