Artist Gwen Matthews, former Denville student, Lands Package Design Deal with Local Business

By: Emily Pirrello 


24-Year-Old Gwen Matthews has always had a passion for creativity and art, “It was in high school where I really got started. I took anything involving Graphic Design.” She also took four years of Photography at Morris Knolls as well, fostering the love of her crafts. Matthews also shared her amazing accomplishment of how she won a Graphic Design Contest during her time at Morris Knolls, “Students had to design a banner for Morris Knolls 50th anniversary celebration, and I was the lucky one that got picked!”. 


She was also involved in the Spectrum Club at Morris Knolls. This club was responsible for publishing an annual literary magazine filled with student’s artwork and writing, as well as hosting an annual musical event for student and teacher musicians, the Spectrum Coffeehouse. She too even designed the 2015 cover for the Spectrum Literary Publication Magazine at Knolls. 


The package design opportunity was a surprise for Matthews. “I started working for My CBD Organics in the beginning of the year, I shared with them my hobbies for Graphic Design and Photography. A few months in, my boss offered me the opportunity to start with a couple designs.” Her employer was incredibly impressed, and her Graphic Design responsibilities have continued to grow with the company. Matthews is excited to continue her Graphic Design journey and cannot wait to see where it takes her next. “Currently I am a Wellness Associate for My CBD Organics. I really love the people I work with. I never thought I would be able to do anything like this but am so happy my bosses put trust in me in designing their labels.” 


Matthews is an inspiration to all young artists, “I never went to college for Graphic Design, I am mainly self-taught and apply a lot of what I learned from my classes and time at Morris Knolls.” She wants those who didn’t go to school for their passions and hobbies to know that “you can always pursue whatever you want, even if you didn’t go to college for it.” 


Matthews favorite art medium to create with is anything digital. “The way you can work with certain platforms and the art you can create is limitless.” She finds Digital Art therapeutic, “Creating Digital Art means that I can put whatever I’m thinking into the world, it’s a stress relief for me and definitely an outlet.” 


“When it comes to Photography, it means holding on to specific memories that you cherish.” 


Matthews loves candid photos, being able to capture true expressions and emotion from individuals. When discussing the impact of art she shared, “When working with any art form you’re able to bring light, color, and positive emotions into the world.” 


She finds her inspiration everywhere, “With art you can find inspiration anywhere, though I mainly find my inspiration from feelings, emotions and nature”.  


Matthews shared that she’s overcome a fair amount of adversity in her life, “I’m so grateful for the support of my amazing siblings and those in my life. With the support of my loved ones, and using art as a creative outlet, I’m able to overcome any hardship in my life.” 


“This is a big achievement for me, and I thank everyone that got me here today, I’m doing what I love and couldn’t have done that without the help and trust of my bosses and others. I’m very grateful and can’t wait to see what the future holds!” 


She also shared that she has some big and exciting things happening in the near future. To keep up with her, follow Matthews creative journey on her Instagram @ _gw3ndolyn_. 


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