Artists Present A Haunting At the Hive Art Exhibition

The Gallery at the Hive/MCAW in Chester is pleased to announce its autumn season art exhibition, “A Haunting at the Hive.” The gallery will display the magnificent art of magic and mayhem created by more than 25 of the scariest, silliest and most compelling collection of regionally and internationally acclaimed visual artists.
Curated by Chaotic Attractors, the show has been open since Sat., Oct. 8, and remain on view through Nov. 10, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
In the spirit of the Halloween season, these selected works take the viewing audience on journeys of dread and delight. Submitted for approval – the spectacular horror of the candlelit Grand Guignol; distant, muffled murmurs heard in a stark, darkened forest at midnight; a seedy traveling circus carrying freaky strangers and seductive secrets; eternal struggles of good and evil played out in the guise of costumed Trick or Treating youngsters – all these and more await at “A Haunting at the Hive.”
On opening night, The Hive Main Stage will supply an evening of “live” spooky contemporary rock music with local and NYC bands to jam out to. Terrifying drinks and blood curdling snacks will be served.
For more information about “A Haunting at the Hive” exhibition and inquiries regarding gallery hours of operation, call 908-879-8753 or visit

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