Awesome Dog Loves Everyone He Meets

Meet Bubba from Eleventh Hour Rescue.  Bubba is a three-year old, very handsome Great Pyrenees. He is a magnificent example of his breed with beautiful flowing white fur and a sweet and sunny disposition.  Bubba has been living in a foster home for the past year and gets along great with his dog siblings.  He adores children as well, but cats can be hit or miss with him.  Bubba does have pretty severe separation anxiety, and his foster mom has been working with a veterinary behaviorist to help him.  He is currently taking medication to lower his anxiety level enough where he can be left alone for a couple hours. Otherwise Bubba just goes with his foster family in the car wherever they go when the weather is cool enough, or they have volunteers who “Bubba-sit”.  Despite his separation anxiety Bubba is an awesome dog who loves everyone he meets.  He is a great hiking partner and loves to be outside, but he also loves to be on the couch napping. Bubba’s perfect home is out there somewhere, please consider making him part of the family.  To read more about Bubba, to complete an application for him, or to see all of the adoptable pets, visit: or call 973-664-0865.

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