Beautifying Parsippany Troy Hills – The Remodeling Of European Wax Center Takes Shape

by Kathleen Artiglier

People lucky enough to live in the Parsippany area are probably already oohing and ahhing over the buzz around the remodeling going on in the Troy Hills area.   The shopping center that is under major renovation including the anchor stores of Target, Petco, LA Fitness, and Michael’s includes a stunning new European Wax Center.  The mall itself is already being thought of as one of the finest in the area when done.

According to Judy Cook, the franchise owner of EWC, they are “bringing gorgeous to Parsippany!”  It’s that type of enthusiasm that is going to make this a must see location. Cook loves her customer base and is looking forward to drawing in people new to the waxing experience.  After seeing the artist’s renderings of the new suites, it’s apparent that the stunning new look will be a draw for the mall.

For first time visits to the wax center, to get customers acquainted with the process, it does not offer first time packages.  Promotions for those first time waxers include a woman’s promotion that includes free eyebrow, underarm, or bikini line – which can be upgraded to a full wax or Brazilian.  This gives customers a chance to try the services and see the facility and get to know the clients.  For men, there is a promotion for first timers recommended that includes nose, ear, or eyebrows.  Cook knows the gentle experience and the atmosphere inside the center is a great way for customers to fall in love with European Wax Center.

Her staff will welcome their new clients in their beautiful new setting seven days a week with seven wax suites.  They can accommodate more than 200 guests a day with minimal, if any, wait time   They know with the beautiful environment and friendly personnel, one will want to set up appointments and keep up his or her beauty regime.  From the minute customers walk into their remodeled reception area, they will notice an upbeat feeling that will carry through the entire process.  The professional and vibrant feel of the facility is only part of the reason that the experience will keep them coming back.  The Parsippany location is looking forward to the grand reopening and introducing the area to first time experiences as positive ones.

Waxing is part of lifestyles now for beauty and for skin care.  It is no longer considered a luxury item.  It looks luxurious and feels like a pampering time at the facility, but with affordable packages, it’s become a growing industry.  “Everybody can incorporate this into their beauty regime,” she says. “Even if you are having a bad day, at least your eyebrows are perfect. We are proud of the feel that our guests walk in and strut out unapologetically confident in their skin!”

It’s this upbeat and customer centered philosophy that makes this franchise owner strive to make each client happy with their experience at the center.

Consumer demand is turning waxing and the skin care benefits into a growing industry.  Trends are elevating at a face paced level and so are the services that are provided.  People who once thought of it as a luxury are now using it in their daily or monthly care.  Both men and women are realizing the benefit of waxing.  First and foremost, razor burn is a thing of the past.  Waxing is a time saver, lasts longer, thins the hair, and enables the hair to grow back softer.   There is also an extensive menu on its website for customers to pick from.  Once checked, clients  will wonder why they waited so long to give it a try.

With the holidays approaching fast, European Wax Center has an array of products and packages to choose from.  Gift cards are an excellent choice for all gift giving and thank-you to others.  Whether looking for stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, thank you gifts to people who helped over the last year, holiday gifts, or just looking to pamper a loved one, they have it all.

Gift cards are always welcome.  EWC has a new Ax the Pink Tax Lip Balm where all proceeds are donated to charity.  It’s not only a wonderful product, but the idea of giving while also giving is a double win.  It’s perfect for stocking stuffers, grab bags, and simply saying ‘thanks’ or an appreciative gift to pass out this holiday season.  Other limited items include the Pencil Trio and Sharpener in Rose Gold Midnight and Silver.  These can be used as a liner, shadow pencil, or a highlighter for that shine during the holidays, per Cook.  Their Glitter Clutch is also a ‘party ready’ bag for all special events in the upcoming months.

European Wax Center is the ‘eyebrow expert’ and Cook wants her clients to look fab for the holidays and any day, to look and feel their best every single day and not just for events.  She is all about positivity.  Her staff is all about welcoming customers to their facility and having them leave feeling great.  They’re in the business to make everyone look and feel confident, whether a man or a woman.  When clients strut out with a new look and feel, they’ll radiate a whole new vibe.  Whether it’s for a date, meeting, vacation, wedding, or holiday, they are ready to make customers feel and look their best.  There’s no need for just a special occasion to enjoy great skin care and glowing skin.  Their success as a business has been making waxing an enjoyable and pleasing experience, as well as making customers happy with their appearance.

There’s no need to worry about what day or time to visit the center.  It is open seven days a week and there will be plenty of opportunity before leaving on a next vacation, event, or holiday.  So, if a get-away weekend sneaks up, they are ready.  In the summer months, they see an uptick in both legs and bikini waxing.  Being ready at a moment’s notice will be no problem.  If vacation time is on the schedule, it’s a good idea to ideally go about three days beforehand for that bikini wax.  Their specialists can walk clients through all their needs to have glowing skin for a beach ready body or for any day of the week.  Some of the products at EWC have a natural hair growth inhibitor that slows the growth of new hair, depending on individuals and their personal hair growth pattern.

Parsippany Troy Hills is going to be buzzing with the newly remodeled mall.  EWC wants to be part of what makes the area beautiful inside and out.  The meticulous and aesthetically pleasing look is only part of the decorum.  Friendly staff and soothing treatments will lull others into an experience that will keep them coming back.  From a first time visit to a lasting impression, they are out to keep others at their best at European Wax Center.  Whether one wants a peaches and cream look, Hollywood ready look, or a boost in confidence, he or she will have it all.  A soothing treatment and rejuvenating feeling will leave clients feeling relaxed and confident the way Cook wants them to feel each time they visit EWC.  Their staff is trained in the latest techniques and will walk anyone through any process.  Skin will feel replenished and ready for anything. A skin care routine begins with the first visit.  They have a treasure trove of products available to keep a skin silky and glowing on a daily basis.  It’s no longer a guilty pleasure to enjoy the benefits of waxing and skin care.











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