Becca’s Closet in Hackettstown Donates Prom Dresses to High School Girls in Need

By Dawn M Chiossi

    Proms. Every girl out there dreams of going to the high school prom. The idea of prom captivates even little girls–it’s a type of Cinderella fantasy– The prom is a chance to dress up in formal wear, to be feminine and to have a special night.

    Unfortunately, as enchanting as they are, prom dresses themselves can also be expensive. Where renting a tux for the men is a one and done affair; for girls, dressing is altogether different. For girls in need, buying a prom dress is an added expense that they often cannot afford. Girls may decide to skip their prom altogether because of it.   

    In these cases, Becca’s Closet can make all the difference.

     Becca’s Closet is a national non-profit organization that donates formal dresses to high school girls who cannot afford to purchase them. Now every girl, regardless of their situation can have the beautiful formal dress they have always dreamed of, making the prom magical for all.   

   Located at Hackettstown’s Centenary University, Becca’s Closet holds both a collection center and boutique.  

    Becca’s closet was inspired by Becca Kurtman, a 16-year-old Florida high school student who passed away in a tragic automobile accident in August of 2003. In the spring of her freshman year, Kurtman launched a dress drive to provide prom dresses and accessories to high school girls who could not afford them. Though her insight and generosity, she singlehandedly collected more than 250 formal prom dresses, helping girls in South Florida attend their high school proms. From this, Becca’s Closet was born, honoring her generous spirit and continuing her work.


    Becca’s Closet additionally awards scholarships to deserving high school seniors who have demonstrated excellent service to their communities.


    To donate a dress, there will be an open closet/drop off located in Lackland Center, 715 Grand Avenue in Hackettstown on April 20th from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. and May 21st from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

    According to Anju Thomas who has been involved with Becca’s Closet for three years, the Hackettstown Chapter is a small one, with approximately 10 girls working there, the location is a place where people can both drop off and pick up dresses.

    New or gently worn long and short formal dresses are enthusiastically received, especially in smaller sizes (size 0-4) and in larger sizes (size 16 or higher).

Please no wedding gowns, business wear, or everyday clothing. Since this formal wear is for girls who are currently in high school. Please make sure that dresses are clean and ready to wear. Please do not donate dresses that are stained or ripped, outdated, or out of style. Please no sundresses, pant suits, Wedding gowns or worn out shoes.  

    Over at Becca’s Closet, they will work with customers for a dress that will make them look and feel beautiful.  Showing proof of high school enrollment is required.


    “We try to focus on prom dress selections,” Thomas enthuses. “Having that variety, we accept formal wear such as bridesmaid’s dresses, to classics, and if something is cute and trendy, then great!”   

    Officials from Becca’s Closet are thrilled. They even reach out to big well-known outfits like Macy’s to promote the non-profit organization. Macy’s has a buy one, donate one campaign.


    “This is a wonderful way to give back,” states Thomas. “So many people do not know what to do with their leftover bridesmaid’s dresses, prom dresses, or formal wear. Donating to Becca’s Closet is ideal. We don’t want any girl to miss her prom because she can’t afford a dress.”

    “My absolute favorite thing about Becca’s Closet is seeing the faces of the girls when they find their perfect prom dress,” Thomas shares. “Their face just transforms, and they are so happy. That’s when I know that Becca’s Closet really makes a difference and pays off.”


    For further information or details on Becca’s Closet, please call 845-570-3448.

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