Bloomingdale Councilwoman Dawn Hudson Sworn in for Third Term, Councilman Drew Juhlin for His First

Photos of Dawn Hudson and Drew Juhlin get credited to Dawn Hudson

By Steve Sears

Borough of Bloomingdale Democratic Councilwoman, Dawn Hudson, recently was sworn in for her third term, and Drew Juhlin, a Republican, is now first time Councilman.

“I ran for council and won in 2013, being sworn in in 2014,” Hudson says. “I’m incredibly honored that the residents feel confident in their support of me and appreciate everyone that took time to get out and vote.”

Dawn Hudson

Juhlin’s run for council was his first. He has lived in Bloomingdale since February 2001. “I started out on several different committees in town, (Recreation Committee, ROSE FUND, Baseball Coach and TriBoro Baseball Board Member) and I found it to be extremely gratifying to serve my community. I’m a firm believer in being an active member of our community and to contribute at a higher level. The other motivating factor lies within our two boys, Quinn and Cooper. My wife (of 19 years) Kim also serves in Bloomingdale, and our hope is that one day they, too, will become leaders and active contributors in their communities through our examples.”

Hudson did not grow up in Bloomingdale. “As a child, my parents moved quite a bit,” she recalls, “so I never really had a place to call home. Through all that moving, the one thing I always told my parents was that I always wanted to settle down in a small town, so that when I walked into the bank they knew me and I knew them, you know your neighbors, not just live next to them.” Hudson in 1998 met her husband (who grew up in Bloomingdale) through a fire department training program, and they bought a house in 1999 in town. “The beginnings of a hometown for me started there. The first organization I joined was the Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary. Little by little I started getting more involved in the town and started regularly attending council meetings. In the beginning of 2013 is when I decided to run for council.”

Hudson and her family are very active in town. She and her husband Mike have two children. “Cole is 16 and Bella

Drew Juhlin

is 13. Both kids have gone through the Bloomingdale School system; my daughter will be graduating from Walter T. Bergen this year. We’re true sports parents as both the kids are heavily involved in sports.” 

Hudson says the council that she’s had the pleasure of serving with for the last six years is incredible. “There is no ‘I’ – it’s an ‘us.’ I’m lucky to have served with such a great group of men, and each bringing their own special expertise.” Stabilizing municipal taxes is an achievement she and the council are proud of. “We’ve reduced our debt and operational costs. We’ve worked hard on community improvement projects and have received over 1.8 million in grants to help us achieve those improvements, projects such as street improvements, field upgrades, walking track – the list goes on. We still have work to do. We need to continue to entice businesses to make Bloomingdale their home base. We want to continue community improvements. We need to realize our affordable housing obligation which will generate millions in new taxes and fees.” 

Juhlin feels strongly, via a community that is comprised of devoted, thoughtful and compassionate people, that 

Bloomingdale has a bright future. “I’m proud of our community and I envision Bloomingdale to continue to attract new businesses and 

restaurants that will impact our downtown in a positive and measurable way. As you drive throughout our community, you’ll clearly see that our residents take great pride in their property. Through thoughtful and forward thinking, I feel that we can continue to offer opportunities for families to move into Bloomingdale and invest in our community.”

He continues. “Being sworn in by New Jersey State Senator Kristin Corrado, in a council chamber packed with family and close friends, exceeded all of my expectations,” says Juhlin happily. “I am grateful that the great residents of Bloomingdale have put their faith in me to serve on our council. My goal is to help move our community forward in the years to come.“     

Hudson sums it up definitively. “I’ve found a home in Bloomingdale. I want for everyone what I have: a place people are proud to call their home.”

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