Boy Scout from Troop 236 of Long Valley helps COVID-19 essential workers

Jake Gattone from Boy Scout 236 of Long Valley, NJ answered a post on line regarding hobbyists with 3D printing capabilities to help print PPE for local medical facilities, nursing homes and for local essential workers. James Hofmann, STEM teacher at Newton High School posted the request creating a movement “PPE Made in the USA”.
Jake has printed over 165 bands for face shields to date. The face shields, based on the Prusa-3 design, protect health care workers from the transmission of respiratory droplets of COVID-19 while treating patients. The face shields can be disinfected and re-used multiple times.
Boy Scout Troop 236 of Long Valley, NJ continues to meet virtually every Monday from 7:30pm -9:00pm. For more information about Troop 236 please visit:

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