Boy Scouts of Troop 236 of Long Valley experience Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico

Photo taken at the top of Mt. Phillips.
By: Daniel Franz

Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico provides seasoned scouts a very unique, high-adventure experience with many challenges and fun-filled adventures. It is truly a trip of a lifetime which the scout will never forget.

This is the perspective of one of those scouts in his own words:

“From June 30th to July 10th this past summer, 9 scouts and 3 adults from Troop 236 of Schooley’s Mountain, New Jersey hiked in the Rocky Mountains of Philmont Scout Ranch, which is located in New Mexico. We had prepared for this life-changing trip for 18 months. Our scout crew hiked roughly 70 miles, with a total of about 10,800 feet. However, the trip did not only include hiking. 

We started our journey in Colorado Springs on June 27th after departing from Newark Airport earlier that morning. That same day, we toured the Air Force Academy and hiked in the Garden of the Gods. The following day we went white-water rafting on the Arkansas River and then were bused up to the summit of Pikes Peak, the highest peak in the Southern Rocky Mountains. The next day, we were bused to the Philmont Scout Ranch Base Camp to spend our last night before hitting the trail the next morning. 

Bright and early the next day, we were driven to the trailhead, leaving Base Camp and the last piece of civilization that we would encounter for the next 11 days. Over the next couple of days, we created bonds with our crew members that will last a lifetime, whether it was when we were pushing each other through strenuous climbs or when we were all laughing with one another at the campfire playing a game of cards. Over the course of the trek, we had countless mesmerizing sights, from mountain tops to the cattle-filled plains. However one of the views that filled everyone in our crew with the feelings of accomplishment was the view of Base Camp from the Tooth of Time. Even though it may have been tens of miles away we could practically taste the Base Camp Food. I feel comfortable in saying that the day we reached Base Camp was one of the proudest days in our lives. We will never forget the memories we made on the trails of Philmont Scout Ranch. 

The final day, when we flew back to Newark airport, there was nothing one anyone’s mind other than seeing our families and sleeping in our own beds. I would recommend this trek to anyone who is in for a life-changing experience that will create bonds and memories that will last a lifetime.” 

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