Boys Find Inner Hero In Hopatcong

Hopatcong HERO Boys third season kicked off recently with 49 third through fifth grade boys from Durban Avenue and Tulsa Trail Elementary Schools
commencing a seven week after school program to discover their inner hero.

HERO Boys Run Club, a Maryland based non-profit, uses running and lessons
from “Guest Coach Heroes” to inspire the boys to recognize their inner
strength. The program teaches the boys to be brave and learn from mistakes,
to work as a team and to be positive role models.

The program employs track and cross country running as a tool to challenge
the boys to improve their physical fitness by encouraging them to set goals
and discover hidden strengths and talents.

The running is augmented by visits from “Guest Coach Heroes.”  Season three
kicked off with a visit from Hopatcong Patrolman Anthony Cirri who
discussed his determined path to becoming a police officer. He told
the boys he was inspired to become a police officer by his hero, his father,
Lt. Robert Cirri of the Port Authority Police Department who was
killed in the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001.

The second week of the new season saw a visit from Fire Fighting
professional Mike Pellek and his assistant Bunker. Pellek has
spent more than 30 years serving the public by preventing and fighting fires. He and Bunker work at the Roxbury Township Fire Prevention Office. 

The HERO Boys will conclude their fall season by participating in the
Hopatcong Chief’s Challenge 5K run in October.

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