Breaking News- West Orange Residences And Businesses Get Free Monthly

One community, one paper. That’s what’s new in 2016 with the all new West Orange News published by New View Media Group, LLC.

Since April, residents in West Orange had been receiving either the Livingston News or the Cedar Grove and Verona News, both monthly papers that featured some local news from West Orange. But starting with this February issue, readers can now be informed of even more positive news and feature stories that focus on the town they live and/or work.


The West Orange News is one of 17 papers to be published by New View Media Group. Papers are published monthly and distributed to all residences and businesses in its borders, roughly a circulation of 7,016.


Co-owned by Joe Nicastro and Mary Lalama of Flanders, and Darwin Oordt of Cherry Hill, the three formed a partnership on April 1, 2015. Nicastro and Lalama had owned MJ Media Group, and Oordt had owned the Marketeer, a free shopper type supplement. They changed their name from MJ (My Jersey) Media to New View Media with “The idea that we have a new view on media,” says Nicastro.


All community news, from schools to government, people, organizations, places of worship, libraries, non-profit organizations, volunteer services, children’s groups, scouts, fundraisers and more are featured in the free monthly papers. The company’s philosophy is to showcase all the good, positive news that surrounds its readers.


New View Media Group’s publications to date include Mt. Olive News, Hackettstown News, Roxbury News, Randolph News, Black River News, Musconetcong News, Morristown News, Mendham News, Madison News, Chatham News, Livingston News, Hanover News, Caldwell News, Verona/Cedar Grove News, Millburn/Short Hills News, East Hanover/Florham Park News and the latest addition, West Orange News.


As far as continued growth, Nicastro says “We are in the middle of reevaluating the papers to see where and when other expansions would make sense.”


Offering free publications to all residences and businesses, the company depends on paid advertising. Contact Nicastro at 800-691-7549 or


New View Media Group also invites the community to help share any positive news with its neighbors by sending all story ideas and press releases to

Publications can also be viewed online at For more information and publication deadlines, visit


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