By: Michele DiPasquale


It’s 2019, and the time is here for eating healthier and getting fitter, both inside and out. While it may be fair to say that most of us know at least the bare and minimal basics of “eating healthy” –  drink lots of water, sweat out a bit of “cardio,” eat low-carb and high-protein foods, avoid sugar – it’s probably news to all of us that more luminous skin, youthful energy, internal well-being, and consummate radiance can be had in the bargain.


On Wednesday evening, March 6, from 7:15-9:00, you are hereby invited to attend a truly fun, inspiring, and informative workshop at the Linda & Rudy Slucker NCJW/Essex Center for Women called Bring Out Your Glow: Cooking for Inner Radiance. This workshop will inform adult women and men, of all ages, how to cook for good health, inner and outer well-being, and to achieve a youthful radiance. Health and Wellness Chef Ellen Harnett, a personal chef who specializes in cooking for those with unique dietetic needs, food intolerances, allergies, and chronic and/or autoimmune conditions, has a strong background as a coach focused in Holistic Nutrition from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.


We present periodic workshops on various topics of interest to women that are given by professionals in their field on a volunteer basis.  NCJW is a non-sectarian community service organization that is open to people of all faiths. When we present Workshops (which is only one of our many projects and programs) we try to pick topics of interest to women because at the present time this project falls under the umbrella of our Center for Women.” Jill Kapleau, an employee at the center, said.


Chef Harnett is a personal chef for many clients (including celebrities), and together with years of study and practice as a nutrition coach, she has helped perfect the art of “cooking to heal” and the effect it can have on how you look. Chef Harnett creates recipes with love to help de-stress busy people who have little time to cook. This is not a one-size-fits-all meal plan: Chef Harnett is passionate about catering to diverse tastes and ethnicities, as well as individual dietary needs, and volunteered to present this workshop at the Linda & Rudy Slucker NCJW/Essex Center for Women when she became aware of the tireless and passionate work done here.


What a convenient way to experience delicious healing food without any of the work.” Kapleau said.


NCJW is a non-sectarian community service organization that is open to people of all faiths. The “Bring Back your Glow” workshop is free to members of NCJW/Essex and $7.00 for non-members. Everyone who is interested in attending can register either online at www.centerforwomenNJ.org or by calling the NCJW Center at 973-994-4994. This event is for adult women and men of and all beliefs and is presented by the National Council of Jewish Women, Essex County. NCJW/Essex has been at the forefront of social change and serves the community as a nonsectarian center for women and people in Essex County and the surrounding areas. NCJW serves people of all races, faiths, genders, and beliefs.


Faith in the future and belief in action is what the National Council of Jewish Women is all about. A grassroots organization of volunteers and advocates who turn progressive ideals into action, NCJW’s work comprises three broad strategies; community services for women and children from Essex County, NJ, as well as the surrounding counties of Union and Morris, and other parts of the state, events, programs, and workshops for not only our members but the community at large, and advocacy, locally and nationally, on behalf of issues that affect women, children, and families.


NCJW offers career services, computer classes, workshops for both women alone as well as those for both women and men, and support programs for women and children. NCJW strives for social justice by improving the quality of life for women, children, and families, and by safeguarding individual rights and freedoms.

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