Business Donates Fruit Trees to Project Self-Sufficiency


JCP&L, a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp., recently donated 25 apple, pear, peach, and nectarine trees to Project Self-Sufficiency to be planted throughout the agency’s 5-acre campus in Newton.  The fruit harvested from the trees will be distributed to low-income individuals and families through the agency’s food pantry.  On average, The Food Project at Project Self-Sufficiency offers 11,861 nutritious meals to 1,260 individuals each month.  Volunteers also cultivate and maintain nine community vegetable gardens on the agency’s grounds and harvest fresh vegetables for daily distribution to local families during the spring, summer, and fall.

FirstEnergy has donated and planted more than 17,000 trees throughout its five-state service territory since April 2021.  This initiative is an important part of the company’s efforts to reduce FirstEnergy’s carbon footprint, promote responsible use of natural resources and further the advancement of sustainable practices.

“Throughout the growing season, the community gardens at Project Self-Sufficiency provide fresh vegetables to hundreds of families each week,” explained Project Self-Sufficiency Executive Director Deborah Berry-Toon.  “We are delighted to be receiving these fruit trees from FirstEnergy, and we are looking forward to incorporating the distribution of fresh fruit to children and families in need.”

“For years, JCP&L has been recognized as a leader in sustainable practices and environmental awareness. We are proud to support our communities by planting trees with Project Self-Sufficiency that will give us fresh air, shade, and beauty, plus provide fruit in years to come. This is a core value at JCP&L, demonstrated by the commitment of our staff members volunteering to plant the trees,” said James Fakult, JCP&L President.

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