Cadets Keep Busy In NJ Wing Summer Camp

This summer has been a busy one for many young members of the Civil Air Patrol, or better known as cadets. The Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program runs all year round but when the weather is nice and students are out of school, the most exciting and unique events open up.

One of the most recognized events in the Cadet Program is the NJ Wing Encampment. Each state has its own encampment, but this summer cadets from Morris County joined more than 100 other cadets from New Jersey and the tri-state area in a rigorous eight-day summer camp at Joint Base McGuire Dix, Lakehurst.

Each day the cadets were woken up and hurried out to their formations while the morning was still pitch dark. The week consisted of activities such as physical training, obstacle courses, team building, safety trainings, drills and marching, room and uniform inspections, competitions and games between groups, orientation flights with CAP airplanes, educational tours with the Air Force and Army, educational classes and lectures in emergency services and aerospace.

Two unique events were provided to some cadets during this year’s encampment: a military orientation flight on a C-17 and participation in an urban tactical operation. By the end of the week, the cadets had gained much knowledge and had experiences they would never forget.

On day nine, all of the cadets graduated from the basic encampment. A ceremony was held for the parents and to congratulate the cadets and honor their hard work. Many parents noticed a positive change in their kids from character to motivation and many made friends to last into the future. This group of cadets is looking to come back next year and help to run encampment as staff.

Many will agree that encampment was the highlight of their summer, yet there were a few other events of interest in the local area. The cadets participated with the Raritan Valley Composite Squadron in the Fourth of July Parade in Chatham. Some members of the squadron participated in a Urban Direction Finding (UDF) Course as part of the Emergency Services mission of CAP. They learned how to find airplane’s Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT) after an accident, how to read road maps and sectional maps, types  of emergency services missions, communications basics, how to properly operate certain radios, and much more.

The Cadet Program, which is based in Chatham, continues on into the fall with more fun activities.
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