Cadette Girl Scout Troop #95705 held a Kindness Workshop

On April 26, Cadette Girl Scout Troop #95705 held a Kindness Workshop as a Take Action Project at Randolph Middle School to educate middle school students about bullying prevention and strategies on healthy friendships.  The project was a part of their Amaze Journey which discussed how to navigate through the twists and turns of relationships.  The night included speakers Dr. Maryalice Thomas -Randolph District Anti-Bullying Coordinator and Jennifer Wagener- Randolph Middle School Counselor. 

The workshop was selected by the Randolph Education Association as a PRIDE event. The Randolph Education Association had awarded Nancy Podesta, a Randolph High School Paraprofessional and Girl Scout Troop Leader #95705, a PRIDE grant for a community involved project.  The purpose of a PRIDE grant is to bring the school and community together to celebrate the achievements of New Jersey’s public schools.  The PRIDE grant assisted the Girl Scout Cadettes to achieve their diplomat award promoting positive group messages with peer support. The grant funded the purchase of tee shirts that were created exclusively for the event to spread the “Kindness Message” throughout the community. Cadette girls Jessa Altemose and Lauren Podesta created 2 positive slogans for their t-shirts, “Labels are for jars, not people” and “Kindness is the most beautiful trait”. The girls positive messages were voted on by fellow Cadettes. The event also included students writing positive messages on Kindness rocks, thumb printing a Kindness pledge and role playing friendship scenarios.  One of the Cadette Moms, Nikki Colella -Bagner also provided information about an upcoming anti-bullying campaign by a yarn company, Lion Brand Yarn that is asking people to knit blue hats as a way to raise funds and awareness.  Nancy, also worked alongside, Leader Melissa Altemose,  Cadette girls (shown in the picture- Front row- Grace Karaces, Dionna Bagner, Lauren Podesta, Hayley Ross, Isabella Jones. Back row- Jessa Altemose and Ellie MacGregor ) and their moms including Angela Jones, Sarah Karaces, Jackie MacGregor and Meredith Ross. An amazing exchange of thoughts was shared amongst the girls, their parents and Randolph community members.


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