Caldwell Mayor Shares Accomplishments Of 2015

Caldwell Mayor Ann Dassing recently spoke about the accomplishments from 2015 during the 2016 Caldwell re-organization meeting.


“2015 was a year of many accomplishments. Since 2012, we have been upgrading our infrastructure by replacing old water pipes throughout the town, to give residents better water service to their homes and our emergency personnel better infrastructure to work with in the event they need to fight a fire. This work continued on additional streets in town and will continue into 2016.


We are also working with PSE&G’s solar department on the installation of solar panels on the Sewer Treatment Plant and if this becomes a reality, we will be the first sewer plant in NJ to do so.


Our Finance Committee continued to employ the philosophy of fiscal prudence and put forth a budget that was again very low, with no reduction in services to our residents.


Our Community Center was renamed the Live Well Aquatics and Fitness Center and along with the new name, we refurbished the indoor pool which looks like new, and replaced equipment in the fitness center for the benefit of our members. Also, various exterior projects such as power washing, painting and new signage were done. We continue to refine the programs and the facility to be the best it can be for area residents.


Our historic commission is currently working on an application to designate Caldwell as a certified local government, which will open up grant possibilities for the Borough.


The Planning Board has chosen a planner who will begin the re-examination of our Master Plan. Additionally, we have plans to conduct a re-evaluation of all properties in town. This process was held up in 2015 due to tax map work that need to be done to conform to the State’s regulations.


The Environmental Commission embraced the Personette street property and together with grant dollars and volunteer help from Home Depot, and residents, a beautiful paver pathway was installed. Grant dollars from ANJEC made a pollinator garden possible and trees of various types were planted. We hope to hold a ribbon cutting in the spring to what will be home of The Caldwell Volunteer Firemen’s Park.


The Special Improvement District Feasibility study has been ongoing and the core group is ready to appoint a Board of stakeholders and to hold their open meetings for public comment. This will take place in early 2016.


2015 marked the first full year for the Caldwell Fire Prevention Bureau.

The Bureau Fire Chief, Mark Giuiliano reported that 101 life hazard use inspections were completed –  41 non-life hazard use inspections were done,

He conducted 19 fire code complaint investigations; 102 home sale inspections and issued 31 fire permits. On the inspections, two-thirds required re-inspections for compliance. Thank you Mark, for your tenacity in keeping us all safe!


I want to take this opportunity to thank the over 80 volunteers who serve on the fire department, the first aid squad, and the borough’s boards and commissions. Their volunteer hours are most appreciated and vital to the health and well being of our town.


In looking to 2016, we need to continue to keep our taxes low, and provide better service, as well as increasing shared services with other towns and the Board of Education. Additional goals are to increase communication to residents with a better website and other tools, to step up enforcement of our property maintenance codes and to continue to work with the county on the installation of a traffic light at the corner of Bloomfield Ave. and Gould Pl.


I hope you have a happy and healthy New Year!


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