CAR CARE TIPS FOR WINTER From Livingston Tire Company

At Livingston Tire Company we are concerned about safe driving all year long.  We know that the cold winter months are especially hard on cars and their components.  Use this as your guide on what to be concerned about. You will be glad you did. It may keep you from being stranded somewhere.


TIRES are very important.  Without deep tread your vehicle will not have adequate traction on ice or snow.  This goes for SUV’s and trucks, not just cars.

All LIGHTS should be checked since there are more night hours then daylight during the winter months. Dusk is one of the most difficult times to drive, and in addition to people not being use to the change in light at dusk, it is more difficult to see the road and the cars at that time.

WIPER BLADES should be in good condition for ice and snow removal, and WASHER FLUID must be the right dilution, so it doesn’t freeze. Have you ever been stuck in a snow storm and have the wipers not act properly or the windshield washer fluid be low?  That is not a good situation to be in.

BATTERIES are especially vulnerable in the cold.  A battery will not deliver it’s full power when cold, so make sure it tests good and isn’t more than 4 years old.

Other than these specifics, the rest of the vehicles systems like BRAKES, and SUSPENSION should also be checked not only in the winter, but for all year round.

Most importantly, use common sense.  If your car looks, feels or drives different it’s time to have it looked at ASAP at a reliable service center. 


Livingston Tire Company, conveniently located at 56 E. Northfield Road in Livingston, has been servicing cars and selling tires for more than half a century.  They are the only AAA Approved Auto Repair Center in Livingston, and pride themselves on Service, Quality and Value. They have hundreds of sizes of tires, including snow tires, in stock. They are concerned about making sure their customers are safe and prepared year round.


If you have any questions about your car being safe or any other car concerns call them at 973-533-0101 and they will be happy to help. 


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