Catherine McCall Keeps in Touch with Those Gone Before Us


By Steve Sears

Catherine McCall remembers, when she was a child, her aunt had bought a new house, and she slept over in her cousin’s bedroom. Both fell asleep, but McCall woke up and saw a man standing in the corner of the room. Both engaged in an all night long staring contest. The next morning, when she went downstairs for breakfast and told her aunt about the encounter, her uncle walked in and said he had been talking with his new neighbor about the prior owner, and the description matched the gentleman in the room with McCall. The man had recently passed away. 

“I never forgot that,” she says. “That was my first real knowledge that I was seeing a legitimate person. He was attached to that house that they lived in. He didn’t do anything; he just stood in the corner and stared at me all night.”

It also was her first real knowledge of possibly being a Psychic Medium, although she didn’t know it at the time. 

McCall was born and raised in Dover, and she has an office there. She has been a professional Medium since 2007 and explains the realm. “Mediumship is communicating with the spirit world, and the spirit world is heaven, and when our loved ones pass over, they use people like myself to communicate with their loved ones that they’ve left behind. The information comes through our senses, so we hear, we feel, we smell, we face empathy. All of our senses are in use, and we call them our ‘clairs.’ So, with clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance – this is all coming through our senses. I use all of them, but I use clairvoyance with the seeing, clairaudience – which is hearing, and the feeling which is clairsentience.”

McCall, 52, finally got used to the spirit world when she started reading for the public. “I didn’t really understand much about mediumship, and I started to discover it and really started to look into it when I was in my mid-30s.”

The experience that changed her life forever occurred when she was age 37 and enduring a challenging period in her life. She was in the shower when she heard a female voice that said, “You need to snap out of it. You need to get yourself together, and get your head and your life together, because you’re going to change.” “I remember looking around and thinking, ‘Who’s talking to me?’ I heard it; it was so clear.” She exited the shower and prepared to go out for the evening, but the voice kept talking to her, and she kept asking, “Who is this?” Finally, at day’s end and late at night, the voice was still speaking to her and she asked who it was one final time. “And the voice said, ‘This is your grandmother, your mother’s mother, Henrietta.’ She passed when I was a year old, and she said, ‘The depression is going to leave you, you need to get yourself together, you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself, because you’re going to take care of and help lots of people in your life. And if you can’t help yourself, you’re not going to be able to help anybody else.’ And I said to her, ‘Why are you saying this to me?’ And she said, ‘You’re meant to help other people. But until you help yourself, you can’t help anybody else.’”

Shortly thereafter, McCall started doing readings, began having more experiences while doing those readings, talking to people and giving them information, all leading up to her career as a professional Medium. “I love what I do. I guess that’s the easiest way to express it,” McCall says. “It saved my life. It brought me to a place to understand that my life is here because I’m supposed to help other people with their life. I give everything I am to this because this saved me, and I have to do as much as I can for others, because I’m grateful for what has been done for me and my family and my life.” She’s paying it forward. “Absolutely, every single day,” she says definitively.

In addition to communicating with people, McCall also can do the same with pets who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. 

McCall, who did an event for the Roxbury Arts Alliance on April 16, also works with charities (especially for children and for pets) and also does public and private events. Visit her website at or her Facebook page at “Catherine McCall Psychic Medium.” McCall can be contacted by calling her cell phone, (862) 812-3094, or by email at


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