CCM Offers Students Several Options for Taking Classes this Fall

County College of Morris (CCM) is providing students with a number of options for how they
can take their courses this Fall Semester so they can keep moving forward with their higher
The college currently is enrolling students for the fall and has built in a high level of
flexibly to make it easier for them to pursue their goals during these challenging times. It also
is implementing a number of health and safety measures, as per federal, state and local
guidelines, to protect the well-being of the campus community.
Students enrolling this fall will be able to select courses that are being offered in one of
three formats: hybrid, online and remote.
Hybrid Courses consist of a combination of traditional face-to-face instruction and
remote or online sessions. This may include some on-campus labs with remote lecture, reduced
in-classroom time or other instructional designs that meet the needs of the course materials.
Online Courses were designed to be taught in an online setting. Unless otherwise
noted, online courses were developed to be taught without specific meeting times.
Remote Courses were designed to be taught in a classroom but are being offered as a
form of distance education due to the emergency conditions. Remote classes are completely
online but include scheduled virtual meeting times when the class is to meet together.
To limit the number of people on campus, the majority of classes are being offered in the
online and remote formats.
Students enrolling this fall also can select from a number of terms, ranging from 2 week
to 15 week sessions. Students can search for courses and the format they prefer at Use the Advanced Search feature to select one
of the terms being offered this fall:

 15 Week – September 9 – December 22
 Early Start 2 Week – September 9 – September 22
 Early Finish 7 Week – September 9 – October 27
 Mid Start 2 Week – September 23 – October 6
 13 Week – September 23 – December 22
 Late Start 2 Week – October 7 – October 20
 Late Start 7 – November 4 – December 22

New students first need to apply to the college before registering for classes.
Applications can be submitted at Continuing students should talk
with their advisor before registering.

Support Services Designed for Student Success
When the COVID-19 pandemic first struck New Jersey, CCM moved its support services
online so students could continue to gain assistance to ensure their success. The Academic
Success Center was expanded into to provide students with individualized
online assistance from updating them on the status of classes, to connecting them to a student
success specialist or a counselor, to arranging for them to pick up any class materials or
technology they may need. Included among the other services the college is offering online are
Academic Advisement, Tutoring and Live Chats with Librarians. To learn more about those
services, go to

An Education You Can Afford
Each year, CCM awards approximately $12 million in financial aid and scholarships to
its students, allowing them to pursue a high-quality college education at an affordable price. To
find our more, go to All its classes, hybrid, online and
remote, are offered at a fraction of the cost of most other online offerings.

Transfer or Gain Employment Upon Graduation
At CCM, students can choose from 50 academic degrees and a wide range of certificate
programs. A number of programs, such as those in computer science, engineering, and
hospitality and culinary science, are designed so students can seek employment immediately
upon graduation. Numerous others are specifically designed so students can transfer their
credits to earn a bachelor’s degree. CCM holds more than 125 transfer agreements with colleges
and universities across New Jersey and the nation to simplify the process of applying credits
toward a bachelor’s degree. A listing of those agreements can be found at

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