Celebrate Monday Madness At 16 Handles

16 Handles offers Monday Madness and also has some excellent ways to celebrate birthday parties .
This summer marked the 10th Anniversary of 16 Handles and is celebrating with Monday Madness.
Everything is 10 percent off on Monday Sept. 24 and Oct. 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29.
The Livingston Store is located in Town Center, and was closed for a couple of months during the winter due to storm damage. But, it is glad to be open again after the remodeling was completed. The owners and staff thank their customers for their patience and understanding, and welcome them back.
16 Handles Livingston features 16+ Flavors and 50+ toppings, so customers can create the exact combination to suit one’s tastes. There are also monthly special flavors, as well as serving traditional ice
In addition to its large selection of delicious items, it is now featuring catering, including birthday party ideas. There are two types of birthday parties. One is $15 per child and includes unlimited fro-yo and toppings plus each child gets a $5 gift card as a party favor. The birthday child will also get a 6” birthday cake to take home. The second party special is a 16 percent discount with a party of 20 or more people.
If having a party at a different location, 16 Handles catering cup with three toppings is a great idea. The catering cup costs $7. It offers local delivery with a minimum of 50+ cups
Call 973-369-7226 or stop in to find out more details how 16 Handles will make that party a success.

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