Celebrating the Seasons at Resurrection Parish

By Henry M. Holden

On March 2, Resurrection Parish, in Randolph, held its semi-annual Day of Reflection. The theme: “Spiritual Lessons from the Seasons.” The featured speaker was Sr. Josita Marks, S.C.C. Sister Josita has celebrated more than 50 years as a Sister of Christian Charity. The day, which began with a hot brunch at 12:30 p.m., was a blend of prayer, humor, and introspection.

Sr. Josita provided a unique approach that nurtured awareness of and response to God’s presence in our everyday lives. “Before we had the Book of the Bible, God gave us lessons through the Book of Creation.”

“Why do we make so much of the seasons?” Sr. Josita asked. “Because the seasons were the Scriptures before the Scriptures were written. They were the revelation of God to human kind, and we want to celebrate that. Each season can be a time to grow more deeply in God’s grace.”

Sister’s presentation began (appropriately) with winter. “Change is the one thing we can depend upon with the seasons,” she said. “Winter often brings cold and darkness and what some people may feel is the bleakest of the seasons. But bleakness itself has a beauty. Try and see each season with new eyes. What is this moment in this season trying to teach me?

“We need winter in our lives for a time to rest, a time to stand still and reacquaint ourselves with the beauty of silent moments, and with our faith,” said Sister Josita. “We thank God for the time he gives us to grow and rise through the darkness as we wait patiently for the warmth of God’s Springtime.

After a snowfall there is a silence, but there is something in that silence. We must look with new eyes on what this moment is teaching us.

“Spring is a season of energy, optimism, hope resurrected and new life. The beauty of creation brings the lesson of renewal and hope that energizes our hearts and lives by God. Imagine God saying to you. ‘I want you to experience new life through spring. Take delight in what you are seeing around you.  As each flower began as one seed in the darkness of the earth, you too, came into this world in the darkness of your mother’s womb. I knew you during the seasons of your formation and I was present at your unfolding. Learn to be attentive of the spring season of creation and of your life. I will continue to teach you, sharing my beauty and life with you each step along the way. I will share with you the divine energy of who I am so that you may share life with others. I have the power to lift people’s spirits and you too have this power. Be sure to make use of it. Honor the miracle of your life, sinking your roots deep into me so that I may heal you when you need it so, that you in turn may heal other’s pain.’”

“The season of Summer is creation packaged in sunshine, love and a season of color. It brings relaxation, and vacations but not for everybody. We must be aware of that too. Look at summer with new eyes. What is the moment trying to teach me?

“Autumn is a season of transformation, of changing colors, a season of many shades of red, orange and yellow. It is also a season of completeness where the seeds we planted in the spring are now God’s bounty, fully grown and ready for harvesting.

Sister’s closing words were, “Each season carve out some time for solitude. Learn to be idle. Believe there are seeds growing strong within you for another spring. Be in awe of the wonders stirring within the darkness.”

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