Charity Group Spreads The Warmth

Recently the Randolph Knit School Charity Knit/Crochet group, under the direction of Elizabeth Carney of Randolph, delivered nearly 100 knitted and crocheted items to charity.  

Last month it delivered items to three deserving charities that support people in need. 

First, the group shipped a box of more than 30 knitted and crocheted children’s items to WorldVision, which distributes these items to children in countries around the world. Items will be distributed to children in Armenia, Bosnia, Burundi, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Mali, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Somalia and Swaziland.

Find out more about how WorldVision helps children around the world at

Next, it delivered a box full of knitted and crocheted baby hats, booties, sweaters and blankets to CareNet Pregnancy Center in Hackettstown. CareNet partners with expectant mothers and fathers who are in need of support and assistance. They provide parenting education and healthcare to expecting families in need while allowing them to earn credits toward baby supplies they may need.

“We were so grateful to be given a tour of the facility and were able to see where our donations would be displayed for new moms to choose from,” says Carney. “t was so heartwarming to know that we are able to help CareNet make a positive difference in our area.”

To volunteer with CareNet, go to

The group then traveled to Elizabeth to make a huge delivery to New York City Relief. This organization provides New York City and Urban New Jersey cities with care for homeless citizens.  Their relief busses set up in different cities many nights of the week distributing food, clothing, and personal care items to those in need. The Relief Bus also meets with individuals to help connect them with resources such as job connections, housing options, and rehabilitation options. 
“We knitted and crocheted hats, scarves, and cowls for the Relief bus to distribute as the cooler weather approaches,” she says. 
The relief bus is always looking for volunteers to help whenever they are able; find out more at

“We can’t wait to get started knitting and crocheting our next donations,” concludes Carney. “We would love to add new members to our group. If you have even the most basic knitting or crocheting skills, please consider joining us at our next meeting. We are also in need of knitting and crocheting supplies, so if you, or anyone you know is looking to donate yarn, needles, or hooks, please contact us.”

All information about upcoming charity knit/crochet days and contact information can be found at website:

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