Chatham High Pair Honored With Governor’s Award

Chatham High School seniors Mikey Behr and Elizabeth Stuart were honored recently at the 38th Annual Governor’s Awards Ceremony at the War Memorial in Trenton.
Behr and Stuart were recognized and presented with a medal and certificate for their second consecutive First Place Win in Improvisational Pairs at the Governor’s Awards Competition in January.
Behr said: “I feel incredibly honored by receiving a Governor’s Award this year.Not only am I thankful to have been recognized alongside my friend, Elizabeth, but I’m thankful that the arts are being appreciated by our state. Governor’s Awards has inspired so much confidence in myself, and I am so thankful to Mrs. Russo for having encouraged me to partake in such a rewarding event.”
Stuart said: “It was so exciting this year to be awarded this Governor’s Award in addition to last year’s, and I am so grateful that I was also given the opportunity to perform at the ceremony as well. Having the opportunity to compete and win both the Improv Governor’s Award has been such an amazing experience.”
CHS Theatre teacher Laura Russo said: “It truly is an accomplishment to win the Governor’s Award for Improvisational Pairs, not one, but two years in a row. Mikey and Elizabeth are an unbeatable pair who are gifted in improvisation.”

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