Chatham Teens Connect With Others

The Chatham Teens Connecting with Teens just finished its fifth fall season at ECLC with 50 Chatham students participating and planning weekly activity nights at ECLC in Chatham.  Last Tuesday, the club held its annual winter basketball event where 28 ECLC students came to Chatham High School for pizza, a science experiment and a basketball game.


ECLC students made posters in advance in anticipation of the game. When they arrived at the high school, CHS students surprised their ECLC visitors with a visit to the science lab, where AP Physics teacher David Bandel conducted four experiments. Students then had pizza and snacks, and the evening culminated by cheering on the Chatham High School basketball team in its game against Montville.


The CHS faculty advisor to the CHS club, Christine Cavallo, said, “Teens Connecting With Teens is an important club for both CHS and ECLC students because it allows them the opportunity to form special and fulfilling bonds that otherwise they would not be able to have. When I read reflections from CHS students that talk about developing patience and confidence, becoming more open-minded and self-aware, learning to appreciate differences and realizing the commonalities we all share as humans, I undoubtedly know that the club’s importance and impact in the life of all those involved extend far beyond their high school years.”

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