Chatham Twp. Committee To Host Presentation On Domestic Violence Prevention

The Chatham Township Committee, in conjunction with National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and in partnership with the Jersey Battered Women’s Service (JBWS), plans to host a community-based presentation on the prevention of domestic violence. The presentation, “Creating a Responsive Community: What You Can Do to Prevent Domestic Violence,” will be presented by Regina Braham, director of Community Relations for JBWS, on Tues., Oct. 18,at 6:30 p.m., at the Chatham Township Municipal Building.
Mayor Curt Ritter, speaking on behalf of the committee, said, “Each year in New Jersey there are approximately 65,000 reported cases of domestic violence, including more than 2,000 in Morris County alone. Domestic abuse affects people of all socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, and religious groups. Studies show that children from homes where domestic violence occurs suffer physical abuse or neglect at a much higher rate than the national average. This community presentation is designed to shine a light on this important issue as we look to increase awareness of domestic violence in our communities. I encourage all residents to join us for this important discussion.”
Braham commented, “To prevent domestic violence, we need to create a community-wide culture that does not tolerate family or partner violence. Over the years, Chatham Township has taken several initiatives to prevent domestic violence including the establishment of a Crisis Response Team through the local police department and the inclusion of JBWS’ No2DatingAbuse programs in Chatham High School. I look forward to discussing these programs, plus what more can be done.”

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