Chester Author’s Book Shares Women’s View on Everything

by Elsie Walker


Many people wish they knew what others are thinking when it comes to topics like marriage, issues of the day, spirituality and religion.   In her new book, We Dwell In Possibilities: What American Women Think about Practically Everything!  Chester author Carlotta Holton shares the opinions of women representing every state in the country.  While known recently for her horror novels, such as Salem Pact and Touching the Dead, Holton was a journalist for many years, working as a staff writer/editor for such publications as The Record (Bergen County) The Daily Journal and other magazines/ newspapers. She used her journalistic investigative skills in putting the current work together.  It is published by Dorrance Publishing and was released on March 14th.  It is available on paperback and eBook (for Kindle) at Barnes and Noble, major bookstores and Amazon.

“Years ago, there was a cigarette commercial (Virginia Slims) telling us, We’ve come a long way baby. I wanted to know where we stand today.” said Holton.  She noted that part of inspiration for her book was the media’s portrayal of women’s opinions.  She said that the media shares what it presumes to be the opinions of all women, when it is really only sharing those of a certain region or those of women in certain professions. Holton wanted a better vision.  In addition, Holton shared, “my late father, who was a veteran of WWII, passed his patriotism on to the family. I was hoping to find that women were more united than divided and that they were themselves women of real substance, regardless of education, career, residence, etc. I am happy to say, we are.”

Holton noted that it took four years of intensive research to compile her book. It started during the Obama administration and concluded during the Trump administration. “While no political questions were specifically asked, many voiced the good and not so good parts of both administrations and its impact on their lives,” Holton said.

She started by compiling a survey on some hot bed issues such as the economy, health care, English as the official language, gun control vs amendment rights, sending our children off to war, child rearing and many other topics.

Those surveyed were from ages 20 – 94.  “I wanted a good cross section of women who lived in every state to determine if where they lived, what they did, might influence their thoughts, goals and dreams for themselves, their families and the country,” said Holton.  

The occupations of the women surveyed included common ones like attorneys, nurses, doctors, etc. However, Holton noted that some were out of the ordinary. Examples of those are a hair stylist for the deceased at a funeral parlor down south, a septic tank cleaner in the northeast, and the manager of a wedding chapel in Las Vegas.

Given so many different women participated in the survey, was there anything they agreed upon?   Holton said that the women all had GED’s or high school diplomas and realized education is the key to success and prized knowledge. “The vast majority found peace in their personal relationships, knew they would probably have more than one career in their lives and that they wanted English to be the official language of the USA.  At present, it is not ‘official’. Economy and health were other issues that were voiced as concerns now, and in their golden years ahead. The majority also nixed the idea of making another language part of the country’s ‘official’ language in addition to English,” she stated.

How would Holton sum up what she discovered from putting together her book? “As women, we are constantly evolving. As we juggle our multi tasks and lives, I am impressed with the fact that we are indeed women who dwell in possibilities!” she said.

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