CHS Student To Attend Global Youth Institute

Chatham High School sophomore Indira Roy was selected as a delegate for the October 2016 Global Youth Institute hosted by the World Food Prize Foundation.

Indira was one of only 400 students selected nationally for participation in the three-day institute, which takes place in Des Moines, Iowa. To qualify for selection, students must research and present on a critical food security issue under the supervision of a teacher mentor. At CHS, Indira was mentored by science teacher Missy Holzer as she researched and wrote a paper on the use of hydroponics in rural India to help subsistence farmers become commercial farmers, which she presented at the New Jersey Youth Institute at Rutgers in New Brunswick.

At the institute, Indira will meet international experts on food security and agriculture issues, many of whom are Nobel and World Food Prize Laureates. Indira plans to present and discuss her findings with these experts and her peers. Students also have the opportunity to tour cutting-edge industrial and research facilities related to food and water security, nutrition, global agricultural, and health.

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